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Virtual Receptionists vs Traditional Receptionists

What are the differences and similarities between virtual receptionists vs traditional receptionists? This is a question we get frequently from potential and new clients. Some already have a traditional receptionist and want to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side; some aren’t sure yet if they’re going to hire a virtual or traditional receptionist. Some are

How to Make Customer Care More Human

For many people, customer care is lacking. It becomes a hassle that is dreaded or even avoided. From cable companies to the DMV, many people want to avoid interacting with customer care at all costs. There are certain types of companies that seem to be renowned for providing a bad experience (Being on hold for an hour? No thanks), and
October 28, 2019

Phone Etiquette 101: Small Business

If you want to provide top-notch customer service, using proper small business phone etiquette is a must. You can’t rely on face-to-face interactions alone because many people that interact with your business do so over the phone before entering your establishment. If your business is run entirely online, the phone becomes an even more important centerpiece in your customer service

Why Solo and Small Firm Attorneys Should Never Answer the Phone

Solo and small firm attorneys are unique in the legal industry. The level of service they offer often surpasses that of larger firms with multiple partners and clients often receive more attention. But if you’re interested in managing your time well and creating efficient processes as a solo and small firm attorney, you’re going to have to let go of

Does Your Company Need a Virtual or Toll Free Number?

Thinking about registering a virtual local number or toll free number for your small business? Either option could be a wonderful addition to your business, making your company appear larger and more professional. There are a host of benefits to registering a virtual or toll free number for your business, which we’ll outline below. We’ll also let you know what

Phone Etiquette 101: Ending a Call Politely

Ending a call politely should always be your goal, whether it’s a routine call, a long winded caller on the other line or an upset customer who is becoming aggressive. Ending a call politely is easy enough when it’s a routine call – once the matter is resolved, a simple “Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”
October 18, 2019

Is Virtual Receptionist Another Term for Robot?

Conversational offers two services for businesses: Virtual Reception and Auto Receptionist. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve heard about a lot of misconceptions about virtual receptionists and what they do. The title ‘virtual receptionist’ can be misleading if you aren’t familiar with the industry. Occasionally, the question “Is virtual receptionist another term for robot?” comes up. Is virtual
October 16, 2019

How to Transform Your Customer Service in 30 Days

Want to transform your customer service in 30 days? It’s a tall order, but not one that is impossible if you have the right plan in place. Why might someone consider changing the way they offer and approach customer service? We’re glad you asked. Improving customer service has a laundry list of benefits for the companies that choose to invest
October 14, 2019

Phone Etiquette 101: How to Politely Ask a Caller to Speak Up

If you’re having trouble hearing someone on the phone and can’t quite make out what they’re saying, you won’t be able to offer great service or solve their problems efficiently. In order to satisfy a customer’s request, you have to first understand the request. If you ask a caller to speak up politely, chances are, they’ll adjust their volume and

When is the Best Time to Make Business Calls?

When is the best time to make business calls? New research is showing us that depending on the nature of the call (sales calls, returning calls, etc.), how quickly you return a call matters much more than the time of day. That’s not to say that you’d ever want to make a business-related call at 9:00 pm or 6:00 am;