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    Once you apply, we collect resumes and reach out when a need for future staffing arises. At which point you are placed through a series of testing to ensure you are the right fit for the job.

    If successful we place you through our month long training and work to familiarize you with our clients and those businesses we serve. But that’s not all! We train you on listening skills, phone etiquette, industry specific terminology, and so much more. Ensuring you have the tools to flourish in the role. Setting you up for success.

    Being a receptionist is more than just answering phones. You play so many roles throughout your day to many businesses and their callers.

    Reflecting great tone and ensuring when to express understanding and empathy is a huge part of great customer service. Those callers are depending on you to resolve their hidden need, or to forward them to someone who can. And clear and concise communication is vital, even through your written word to our clients in message taking.

    Great listening skills are also key to ensuring the proper outcome of each call, so you need to be tuned in at all times. Not just hearing the words spoken but sensing the urgency, and tones in the expressions, to know the unsaid aspects about the caller.

    Did you know we offer remote work?

    Best part of all you can do this all from your own home. Conversational now employs receptionists throughout North America, and provides the training necessary to build you in those roles and guarantee success. This not only provides a convenient way to obtain income for our team, but also ensures environmental or pandemic crisis situations do not impact our clients and our abilities to serve them.

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