Auto Receptionist Services

Benefits of an Auto Receptionist Service


Reduce Your Overhead

Handling constant calls takes time out of your or your staff members day. By allowing your staff more time to manage other duties you save on your overhead while still operating professionally. Auto Receptionist’s can also allow you to have staff that work remotely from your business location. This can cut costs on space and allow for quicker growth abilities. See what you can do with your day when you eliminate the constant disruptions!


Allow your callers to enjoy the consistency of your Auto Receptionist. Frequent callers will know what option they wish to be routed to and how they will be greeted every time. By providing consistency you are providing comfortability, and comfortable clients stay with you longer!


Clients greeted with an Auto Receptionist are prone to envision your business as a larger and more professional leader in your industry. Think of your Auto Receptionists of the main foyer of a grand hotel. Roll out your welcome mat today and add an Auto Receptionist to your business!

Expanded Coverage

Got your daytime call handling covered? What about those late night or weekend callers, or those missed calls while you’re closed for renovations? Let your Auto Receptionist ensure those callers do not face the endless ring of doom!

No More Missed Calls

Our Auto Receptionist can handle numerous calls at once. Know you are covered no matter what volumes or call handling spikes come at you. Got a promotion on the go? Expecting that important call? Maybe you simply wish to provide your family with the assurance they can reach you during an emergency. What ever the reason we have your covered!

Expand your Geographic Abilities

Would you like to control your business from any geographic location? With your Auto Receptionist’s ability to route business calls from the official numbers to alternate phone numbers, including mobile phone numbers, you can remain in constant contact with your customers, clients and suppliers. Maybe you deal with several locations and wish to simply provide a main number that will allow your callers to route to an office location within your organization, for example: “Press 1 for New York office. Press 2 for Chicago office. Press 3 for Los Angeles office.” Let us help keep you in touch on the go!

Distribute General Business Details

Use your Auto Receptionist to welcome your callers with personalized messages based on business hours, non-business hours, weekdays and holidays. Is your business moving? Let your clients know on every call!

Marketing and Profit Increases

Alert your callers of upcoming or current promotions and specials. Although a caller may be calling for another reason marketing your promotions on each call provides you another footprint in your marketing design. Let your Auto Receptionist be your bill board.

Privacy Concerns

Don’t wish to provide your caller’s your personal cell number? Want to protect the privacy of your contact details? With an Auto Receptionist you can have calls routed to your home or mobile number and no one has those direct details. Protect your interests and advance your security. Try our Auto Receptionist today!

Meet Special Demands with Language Selections

Direct callers based on their language selection, for example: “Press 1 for English. Marque 2 para Español.” Whatever your clientele and callers, provide them with familiarity and ease of communication. Lessen the confusion some language barriers can cause with your Auto Receptionist!

Complete Customization

With our Auto Receptionist you can forward calls to another number or to multiple phone numbers, send callers directly to voicemail, or simply play an announcement only, and then end the call. Do your staff or colleagues wish to use their own voice for that personal touch? Conversational allows you to customize your greetings for direct Auto Receptionists answering or for your and your associate’s voicemails. You can use Conversational’s standard greeting or expertise to design a template that suits your needs. Another option is to hire professional voice talent to record your custom company greeting and send us those audio files to implement. Let your creativity run wild!

Who controls the auto receptionist feature?

At Conversational our account administrators have your Auto Receptionist needs and setup configuration covered. Simply request changes after initial setup via a call or email to us, and we will implement your changes within 1 business day or less. Avoid the hassles of learning and managing your own system; with Conversational help is at your finger tips.

$49 / month

Unlimited calls

Up to 10 IVR options

Need additional options for your callers?

Add nine more additional options for $10 / month

Need to stop harassing callers or those sales calls from your old subscription service?

Our auto attendant service can also block Caller Id’s. Add your protection against those callers for $2 / per number.

Is an Auto-Receptionist included with my Virtual Receptionist plan with Conversational?

Conversational’s Virtual Receptionists plans all offer the standard Auto Reception services for daytime and after-hours coverage. Still feel you need that live presence for your callers? Visit our service page for Virtual Reception Services.

Adding Auto Reception services to your Virtual Reception services allows you to provide the live answering for your callers, while avoiding unnecessary coverage minutes for calls that do not require a live person.


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