The Best VoIP Service Providers

Custom Business VoIP Solutions

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the foundation of today's business phone providers.
Cloud delivery means you get access to easy deployment
And the best set of features to utilize for a better quality of service.

At Conversational we pride ourselves with being one of the best VoIP service providers out there.

We are always monitoring and looking for upgrades and improvements, as we understand our phones are the heart and soul of not only our company but yours also.


Since we have the VoIP features to help business’s promote their services and products and streamline the call flow for their businesses, we decided to ensure this is part of your services with our Conversational Virtual Receptionist plans.


Do you have to be a Virtual Receptionist’s client to utilize our fully managed and customized VoIP services, not at all! Check out our Auto Receptionist plans to just get the benefits that VoIP phone Services can provide you.


Visit our service page for Virtual Reception Services and Auto Receptionist Services

What benefits do VoIP service providers give you your local phone provider cannot?


Custom Audio Recordings

Gain Instant Credibility With Your Callers! A company greeting is often the first contact between a caller and your business. Making a great first impression can influence the caller’s decision to do business with you. Having your phone greeting professionally recorded will convey the professionalism of your company and establish instant credibility with your callers. With our VoIP phone services for business, you can get just that, plus more!

What can your greetings contain?

Answer incoming calls during normal hours with a custom recorded message specific to your business or with routing options to departments/employees or just giving callers the information they need. Maybe you want to let your callers know that your business is closed but their call is still important. Give them emergency options or a commitment to call them back by leaving a voicemail for an employee or department. Let your business be the guide to what goes into your greeting. Many use simple features like business hours and location details, upcoming events or promotions, or even a change in personnel. Whatever your needs are, our VoIP packages can accommodate them!


Custom Voicemail Greetings

For individual departments these can be used to create a consistent tone and voice for the business across all departments. Prevent caller hang-ups by providing them the assistance and/or call back they need. Use any of our VoIP packages to ensure your business runs smooth.

When customers are trying to reach a specific person who is unavailable, personal voicemail greeting can be used to make that personal connection or having those calls forwarded to other employee’s remote phones and number, ensuring other personnel that can assist them during our absence. And the best part is you can get those voicemails on the go, direct to your email as well as a mobile device notification, keeping you connected no matter where you are. Yes, our VoIP phone services for business can do exactly that!


Custom Hold Time Announcements

Give your callers a reason to stay on the line. No one enjoys being placed on hold but with todays demands in business and tracking of issues or inventory, sometimes a brief hold is necessary. Use your customer’s captive time on hold wisely to share background, insight and information about your business. Answer typical questions they might ask, prepare them to be served expeditiously or build loyalty through goodwill promotions or offers. Don’t allow their holding time to be a wasted for them or your as a business. We are one of those few VoIP service providers that actually care about your business!

Create greetings for specific events and holidays to keep customers excited and connected with your business. Provide holiday promotions or advertisements to build customer loyalty or simply let the caller know your business is closed in observance of a holiday. The announcements can be part of an initial call greeting or simply cut in during any type of hold time. The VoIP phone services for business that we offer are designed to elevate your brand and not waste any of your customer’s time.

What can your announcements contain?
Really the skies the limit on announcements for your business.

  • New Products Announcement
  • Limited-Time Offers & Promotions
  • Changes to Location & Hours
  • News & Events
  • Cross Sell Products & Services
  • Seasonal Greetings

Custom Hold Music

Enhance your callers experience by adding custom music while your callers are on hold. You have the option with our VoIP phone services for business to indulge your customers with a different sound – other than a busy tone! With 1000’s of pre-licensed music tracks available for you to choose from you can put a sound to your business. Do you run a spa and maybe want to create the feel of a soothing atmosphere? Use some tranquility easy listening music to do just that. Music holds a personality just like your greetings so be selective in your choice and let the mood be set for your callers while they briefly wait for assistance.


Custom Call Forwarding - Auto Attendant or IVR System

Engage your callers with professional voice prompts. Direct them to specified departments related to the reason for their call, or personnel that speaks their language of preference. Maybe you wish to prompt callers to collect and be ready with necessary personal, account, registration, and reference information before call transfer so they can be assisted quickly and efficiently. Whatever you need to do, we can get it done for you through our VoIP packages.

You can also use caller action prompts in Call Center IVR features for them to make selections such as account, claim, credit card, policy, license, flight or other numbers along with providing personal information.

What can your Auto Attendant contain?

  • Hours of operation
  • Location directions
  • Mailing address
  • Alert to announce items to have ready to assist them faster
  • Direct them to the appropriate department
  • Language preference selections

Tips for creating a successful automated phone menu

Although Automated phone menus are a good tool for any business to have, they’re tricky to get right.

Consumer Report shows that 75% of people described the experience of waiting to talk to a person on the phone “highly annoying,”

Don’t let these stats affect your business

make your system simple and efficient by using our VoIP phone services for business.

Things to consider when designing your caller’s phone experience.

Keep your phone menu system simple

Give callers an easy way to connect to an operator

Use caller ID to route callers intelligently

Make your phone menu sound professional

Be a little different

Regularly analyze caller behavior and adjust your phone menu

Know how you will measure your phone menu’s success

Alert customers to important updates

Know your audience

Use your phone menu to keep callers from going to voicemail