Conversational FAQs

Hiring an answering service will give you the ability to handle very simple tasks, such as forwarding messages. It can also come across as very impersonal. However, when you hire a virtual receptionist, it’s as if the person answering the call is right in your office. Virtual receptionists can also transfer calls live and provide vital information to your customers over the phone.

No. If you do not have a phone number, we can assign you a number you can use within your local area code. We can also provide toll free numbers for your business, however additional charges do apply. And should you no longer need our service, you can take those numbers with you.

Yes! We simply forward your current number to the one we will use for you, which can be done on a part-time basis, full-time basis or on a daily basis.

Conversational is open and available for live answering from Monday – Friday  7am to 8pm EST.

Yes! We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee to all new clients, so your first month with Conversational is refundable. We think it’s a great way to let you get to the know the service and find out approximately how many minutes you’ll use each month without paying for more than you’ll need. Start your virtual receptionist plan now!.

Yes! When somebody calls, we always answer the call with a smile on our face. Our live receptionists are always happy to greet each customer during our business hours.

When our receptionists answer the phone, they will use a personalized greeting, which will start with “Good morning/Good afternoon” and will continue with “Thank you for calling (Your Company Name).” The greeting can be fully customized to fit your specific needs and your business model.

All of our receptionists are strategically located in the United States and Canada. This ensures you receive native English speaking receptionists for all of your customers.

Your package can always be upgraded, and we are flexible about how we handle this. We can even retroactively upgrade your plan to ensure you have enough minutes to handle your call volume.

At any point throughout the month, you can request a call log with the minutes your company has used. You are also able to upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time if it would save you money. Conversational loves small businesses, so we never want our service to cost you more than it needs to.

Whenever our receptionists take breaks or have unplanned absences, they are covered. We allow you to schedule your receptionist when you need the services. If you need it all of the time, we will cover you all of the time, during our business hours. If you need the services just part of the time, you can decide when to forward calls and when to stop forwarding calls.

Per your request, we can give out any information you would like. We enjoy getting to know the businesses of our clients and your receptionists can give out any information you prefer.

We can transfer your calls anywhere you want. Our virtual receptionists will transfer calls to any phone number, no matter where it is. Some of our clients give up multiple phone numbers and we transfer to the one they specify for that time of day.

Any time you are not able to take a call, our virtual receptionists will take a message for you or transfer the call to voicemail. Often, we give the customer the option between the two.

As long as your software allows a remote access, we can book your appointments (most do). Our receptionists can book appointments on your behalf, using your preferred software, and have those updated in real time.

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