Why is an Answering Service Necessary?

Franchising your business means you have to trust others with the name and reputation. However, you don’t have to tie them up at a desk all day answering phones. Instead, you can allow your franchise owners and their workers to concentrate on providing excellent service to your customers.

When you hire a live answering service to handle all the calls coming in for every franchise location, you gain brand uniformity, along with plenty of other benefits. You won’t have to worry about how one franchise owner handles calls compared to another. All the incoming calls will already be handled and you can even get a kickback for requiring franchise owners to use the same live answering service.

Hiring a franchise call answering service provides a level of protection for your brand you cannot get from any other service. Since all the calls will be centralized, they will all be handled by our professionally-trained virtual receptionists. This means you gain a better customer service experience regardless of the location the caller is trying to reach.

Benefits of a Franchise Call Answering Service

Making Conversational your live franchise answering service means you will unlock many benefits for your business and your franchisees. All of your calls will become centralized and our virtual receptionists do far more than just answer the phone and transfer the call. Some of the many benefits you get from Conversational include:

Sales Support

We will help with upselling products and services over the phone.

Excellent Customer Service

Our virtual receptionists are highly trained to provide excellent customer service to every single caller. You won’t have to worry about one franchise struggling to provide great customer service while others only provide average customer service. With Conversational, every franchise will gain the benefit of excellent phone customer service.

Appointment Scheduling

If your business depends on appointments, we will work with your scheduling system and handle this for you.

Extended Hours

Our team of virtual receptionists provides you with a live answering service working past the normal 9am to 5pm hours. This means more potential profits and less lost opportunities.

No Missed Calls

Even a great franchise owner will miss calls when they get too busy. However, with Conversational handling all of your calls, no call will be missed.

There are several benefits you gain when you hire Conversational to handle your franchise calls. Whether you have five franchise locations or 500, we will provide consistent service across the board giving you brand uniformity regardless of the franchise owner and their team of employees. How much does brand uniformity mean to your company?

When a new owner buys into your business, they need support. Successful franchise owners equal a successful company, but this doesn’t happen without giving them the right tools.

Conversational is one of the most important tools you can provide for your franchise owners. Imagine how much easier it will be when they find out they don’t need an in-house team of receptionists to handle phone calls. In addition, they won’t need to cover the overflow when the phones get too busy.

Your franchise owners deserve the best support possible and a live answering service provides something they need. Whether your business depends on appointments, leads, phone sales or just general customer service over the phone, our live answering service will provide just what you need.

Maybe your business has a time of the year you consider your busy season. Does the overflow of calls become more than you can handle? Maybe you’ve been hesitant to hire an answering service because you only feel like you’d use them during the busy season.

What is the best part about hiring Conversational to handle all incoming calls?  You only pay for the minutes our virtual receptionists are on the phone. An in-house receptionist will require a salary or an hourly wage. This adds up in a hurry. Then, when the busy season rolls around, you have to staff with temporary help or pull other people off their normal jobs to handle the overflow calls.

This issue can be avoided throughout your entire company. Instead of letting franchise owners choose how they will address this issue, you can address it centrally. Requiring every franchise owner to use Conversational will ensure all your calls are answered, whether it’s the busy season or slow season. It will also provide a large money-saving benefit compared to staffing every location with in-house receptionists.

Requiring all of your franchise owners to use Conversational means each of your owners becomes a new customer of ours. If you take this step, not only will you gain far better customer service, but we will also reward you with a $0.10/minute kickback on every single call we handle for your franchise owners.

When you get $0.10/minute from every call, it can add up in a hurry. This is just our way of saying “Thank You” for trusting us with the incoming calls for all of your franchise locations.

Hiring an in-house receptionist means you will spend between $1,500 and $3,000 per month just for one receptionist. With just one receptionist, you don’t have anybody to cover breaks, vacations, sick days or times when your receptionist is already on the phone. This means a franchise owner or another employee hired to handle a different job has to step in and take the call.

For many businesses, two or three full time receptionists will be necessary, if not more. This could end up costing each franchise owner between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, not including employee benefits.

When you hire Conversational, you gain access to a full team of virtual receptionists for a fraction of the cost. Even if a franchise owner needs a custom package for a high volume of calls, it will cost far less than $5,000 per month.

Each of your franchise owners can choose the package best fits their specific needs. If one franchise experiences a higher call volume than another, they don’t have to pay the same for two to three in-house receptionists to handle the calls. Instead, we will customize a monthly package to fit each franchise location’s specific needs.

Compared to the cost of hiring just one in-house receptionist, a franchise call answering service will save your owners between $1,000 and $2,500 per month or more. If each of your franchises requires multiple receptionists, the savings could be very large every month.

So not only will you be providing support for your franchise owners, you will also be saving them money when you require Conversational to handle all incoming calls. They will be very happy when the end of the month arrives and they realize you have just saved them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Along with the many benefits listed above, Conversational saves your franchise owners time and money. These are the two most important ingredients for growing a business. When a franchise owner has time to work on building the business and money to put back into it, they may go from owning one location to owning multiple locations faster.

The days of the 60-to-80-hour work week for franchise owners and managers are over. With the help of Conversational, you can give your franchise owners a shorter work week and remain just as productive, if not see increased productivity. They will never have to take another phone call unless they have instructed our virtual receptionists to transfer specific calls to them.

By cutting down on the money your franchise owners spend on in-house receptionists and cutting down on the time their staff will be on the phone, you can make the work environment more productive. It will all trickle up from the bottom of the team to the franchise owner.

Many franchises will use their receptionist to handle more than just the phones. However, when Conversational steps in and handles the calls, these staff members no longer have to multi-task. Instead, they can put their full energy into other important business tasks.

As the franchise owner’s staff gains time, the franchise owner will no longer have to fill in as much. They are free to work on growing the business, designing the next big promotion or opening another location.

Hire Conversational Today and Celebrate Success Tomorrow

If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your brand as you expand with new franchise locations, Conversational is your answer. Our franchise call answering service will ensure brand uniformity, regardless of the locations of your new franchises. Your customers will receive the same professionalism, whether they are located in New York City or across the United States in San Diego, California.