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We streamline scheduling, rescheduling, and appointment reminders

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Top ways Conversational virtual receptionists help dental offices


Scheduling and rescheduling appointments

Our virtual receptionists know the common dental office software and are ready to integrate from day one. You won’t miss a beat as your patients will be scheduled directly into the EHR software your office uses. When you need days rescheduled, we can call through the list and handle that too.

Reduce no shows

Clients have reduced their no shows by as much as 75% with outbound appointment reminders. Our receptionist can call through your list of appointments to remind patients about their upcoming visit.

Dental terminology

Standard dental terminology - extraction, root canal, filling, cleaning and scaling, etc. - is important for clear communication. Our virtual receptionists are trained on terminology so they can communicate with both you and your patients accurately.

We customize for your dental or orthodontic specialty

We’ll help you find the right patients for your specialty. And we’ll build goodwill by referring callers to your trusted colleagues if they need a different specialty.

Collect insurance details

We’ll collect insurance details from patients so your staff can easily verify coverage. We’ll even complete these forms directly in your software so the information is ready for your office.

Prioritize emergencies

If a caller has a dental emergency, we’ll work with your office to get them in and deal with their pain.

Covering breaks and overflow calls

Instead of hiring more in-house employees and making scheduling even more complicated, we can cover your phones during breaks and especially busy times. Simply notify us that you’ll need temporary call handling and your callers will be greeted by a professional receptionist while you need it.

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“Working with Conversational Receptionists has been a good change for our office. We have a lot of information they needed to know, and they've been getting everything. ”
“It's been a really good experience for our office and really helpful for me because I don't take the calls anymore and it frees up my time for other things in my practice.”
-Ana, Upper West Side Dental
“Our call handling is pretty detailed. There were some issues in the beginning because it was a new thing they were learning, but overall, they've been very good with following the call handling and booking appointments with patients and potential patients. ”

Your prospects and clients…

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focus on great care

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“Conversational has very good communication skills and they know how to handle a lot of different people.”
Victoria, Coral Springs, FL

Let Conversational help with rescheduling and appointment reminders.