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The top ways Conversational virtual receptionists help law offices


We customize for your area of law

Tell us the types of cases you handle and we will only put those cases through. If you have a trusted colleague, we’ll even refer the caller to one of those colleagues who handle those case types.

Ensuring you gain that case

We understand that some types of cases are vital to your firm and not equal in value or urgency. Focused on personal injury over smaller misdemeanors? We've got you covered! Let us customize your priority calls to ensure you don't miss opportunities.

We are there when you can’t be

Temporary call handling is perfect when you’re in court or tied up with a big case. Simply send us a quick message and your callers will be greeted by a professional receptionist while you’re away. We can even customize your call handling to let callers know when to expect a return call.

Protecting your personal privacy and security

Unless you like 11:30 pm calls and texts from a worried client, we recommend that you keep your personal contact information personal. With call patching, when you are out of the office - on a trip, during your commute, etc. - you can still talk to clients without displaying your personal number. Simply call your receptionist and have them patch you through.

Saving your time with outbound calls

A call that should take 2 minutes might take 15 or 30 if you or your paralegal make the call. Clients just can’t resist the urge to ask you questions. Let our receptionists make those simple calls like schedule signing appointments, requests for documentation, or other quick items so 2 minutes is actually 2 minutes.

Software integration

Clio and MyCase are common software systems among legal offices. As long as the software allows web access, we can integrate with the majority of softwares you’re using. With software integration you won't miss appointments or have a disorganized schedule.

Lead Intakes

We’ll build out intake forms for the case types you accept so you get exactly the information you need without using your own time. We’ll even complete these forms directly in your software so the information is ready for callbacks.

Legal terminology

We train our virtual receptionists in common legal terminology so they can communicate with both you and your clients professionally. Arraignment, deposition, felony vs. misdemeanor...we are fluent in the basics.

Delegate to get more done

You will be more effective when you and your paralegals can focus with less task switching. Paying by the minute for a professional virtual receptionist is far more cost effective than lawyers and paralegals covering their main work and phones, not to mention the stress it takes off your shoulders.

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

Conversational has been great for our business. It allows my paralegal to be a paralegal without being a receptionist.
Christopher, Auburndale, FL
I started a law firm and I knew that I wouldn't be able to answer all calls so I wanted somebody that was a live human being to answer calls. I use the live-answering feature and I've been very happy with them. It's great and I highly recommend it.
Meredith, Mt Pleasant, SC

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“I requested that if courts, judges or a potential client was calling, that they go ahead and put them through. Otherwise, if it was an existing client or telemarketer, I requested the receptionist to put the call to email or voicemail.”
Kevin, Winston-Salem, NC

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