Our Promise to Medical Offices: We’ll represent your practice with empathy and professionalism

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The top ways Conversational virtual receptionists help medical offices


Scheduling and rescheduling appointments

We can schedule patients directly into the EHR software your office uses. If you need a day rescheduled, we handle that too. Our receptionists are trained on the common software and ready to integrate from day one.

Reduce no shows

Our receptionists can make appointment reminder calls. Some of our clients have reduced their no shows by as much as 75% from this service.

Medical terminology

We train our virtual receptionists in common medical terminology so they can communicate with both you and your patients accurately and professionally.

We customize for your medical specialty

Tell us the types of patients you handle and we’ll inform prospective patients. If you have trusted colleagues, we’ll even refer the caller to one of those colleagues to treat their needs.

Collect insurance details

We’ll collect insurance details from patients so they have a streamlined experience and you get exactly the information you need to validate coverage. We can complete these forms directly in your software so the information is ready for your office.

Covering breaks and overflow calls

Temporary call handling is perfect when your staff is out for any reason or during times of high call volume. Simply send us a quick message and your callers will be greeted by a professional receptionist while you need it.

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“People really can't tell that it's not someone at my office answering…Conversational is just a great answering service for healthcare particularly…They know how to talk to our patients. ”
They knew our EHR systems very well. We didn't have to train them on that…
Maya Foster
“You can tell they have a team that they train. We've changed stuff on them so many times and they've been like, “Cool, we'll update the team.” I can really literally forward the calls to them and know that they're gonna handle it.”

Your prospects and clients…

make appointments and have questions answered quickly


have more time to focus on helping people heal

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“Partnering with Conversational allows me not to worry about answering the phone. They take care of that and on top of it, I've gotten great feedback from patients of having a professional individual to speak to initially. They collect information from new patients and show me the emails. I don't really have to speak to anybody to correct anything.”
Chelsea Reinert

Providing great care starts with answering every call