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Top ways Conversational helps small businesses


Delegate to get more done

Task switching reduces your focus and effectiveness. Our virtual receptionists can handle many customer service and administrative tasks. Get the professional assistance you need at a pay by the minute rate rather than the expense of in-house employees.

Answer every call

One of the best ways to broadcast a professional image of your business is to answer every call with great customer service. Our virtual receptionists allow callers to get the information they need quickly even when you and your team run out of time.

Sales intakes

We can handle intakes while you and your team do the selling and delivering. We can even enter these intakes directly into your CRM.

Answer FAQs

Anyone could read off a script, but your customers deserve better. Our receptionists answer frequently asked questions with a professional, human touch so callers get the answer they need and a great interaction with your business.

Route and screen calls

Having a receptionist route and screen calls decreases the task switching of your whole team. Don’t allow every call to interrupt your workflow. We’ll follow your guidance to put the right calls through while taking messages or answering questions for the others.

Lower staffing costs

Virtual reception is less expensive financially because you pay for minutes rather than work days. You’ll also spend less time on the logistics of having in-house employees.

Improve customer service

Our business is helping you look good through great customer service. Virtual receptionists are already trained in professional phone etiquette so you’ll have less managing and training to do while your customers and prospects benefit from streamlined communication.

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“I use the virtual assistants service…It's definitely a plus for my business. Especially now since the pandemic hit, people come on and work with me, and they can work from home and be able to receive calls with that office atmosphere feel to it.”
-Latif, Raleigh, NC
“Conversational Receptionists frees my time up. I don't have to have an extra employee just to answer a phone a few times a day.”
-Justin, Warrensburg, MO
“We're a small company and we're quite busy. So we were finding that some calls were getting missed. But with the live receptionist always there, our calls are always getting answered. They're extremely professional. We're really happy with the service. They add huge amounts of value to what we do. It's a great service.”
-Andi, Austin, TX

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“I don't deal with spam calls anymore and Conversational has freed up a lot of my time.”
-Steven, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Let Conversational be the voice of your small business while you deliver the goods.