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How Conversational virtual receptionists help tech businesses focus on getting work done


Answer every call

Even if there is more to do than can get done in a day, each call will be answered quickly and professionally. Broadcast a professional image even on the days when your team is moving non-stop.

Sales intakes

We can fill out intakes directly into your CRM. We’ll handle routine intakes while you’re focused on your core work.

Relay FAQ

Our receptionists will answer frequently asked questions with a professional, human touch.

Route and screen calls

We’ll answer each call and when it needs attention from one of your staff, we’ll route the call there. Not every call should interrupt your workflow. We’ll put the right ones through and handle the others according to your guidance.

Lower staffing costs

Pay for minutes per month instead of hours every day.

Improve customer service

Treat your callers to professional customer service receptionists. Not only is your business represented professionally, your customers and prospects benefit from streamlined communication.

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“Conversational was very prompt in routing calls to me whenever a customer had a specific request or there was something that needed my attention.”
“Conversational was very reliable — they had a very polished, professional, and effective service.”
-Upgrade 123
“I landed good clients and stayed on top of my customers simply because a live person took my calls instead of a machine recording. Thanks to Conversational, I scaled my business without breaking the bank.”

Your prospects and clients…

build trust in your brand with quick, professional communication


deliver great customer service without interrupting your workflow

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Get more done with less stress
“I really appreciate that Conversational seems to care a lot about my business. They don’t just answer calls — they represent themselves as if they’re a part of our company.
I was also impressed with the IVR that they set up for our system, which they didn’t charge us extra money for. I told them about the problem that I was having, and they then set up something that keeps us from paying them more money. That’s the kind of top-notch services that they provide, and it has saved us a lot of stress.”
-Anthony, NerdService.net

Let Conversational give you the time to focus