Our Promise to Therapists: We’ll protect your undivided focus

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How Conversational protects your focus


Scheduling and rescheduling appointments

We can schedule patients directly into your online software. If you need a day rescheduled, we handle that too. Our receptionists are trained and ready to integrate from day one.

We customize for your specialty

Tell us the types of patients you handle and we’ll inform prospective patients. If you have trusted colleagues, we’ll even refer the caller to one of those colleagues to treat their needs.

Collect insurance details

We’ll collect insurance details from patients so they have a streamlined experience and you get exactly the information you need. We’ll even record these details directly in your software so the information is ready for your office.

Private voicemails

Setting up a private voicemail ensures the confidentiality and privacy of patient details and records.

Professional empathy

Our receptionists are trained in how to maintain professional boundaries while being empathetic and comforting to distressed callers.

Appointment reminders

Our receptionists can make appointment reminder calls. Some of our clients have reduced their no shows by as much as 75% from this service.

Custom new patient intakes

We’ll create an intake customized to your practice allowing you to select the best fit for the patient's needs.

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“Before, I had a virtual assistant but she was not answering calls live. With Conversational, it enables me to capture more callers who are looking for something more immediate.”
“The reviews in a Facebook group of other therapists made me look Conversational up. Conversational has the ability to record the messages and then email them to me so that I can just tap the button. I didn’t have that option with the other answering service. ”
-Richelle, Houston, TX

Your prospects and clients…

get streamlined and private communication


put undivided focus on your patients without administrative work piling up

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“I use Conversational exclusively to handle all incoming calls and to schedule all my consultations…I love them. Conversational afforded me the ability to time block a little bit better because I'm not handling incoming calls. I'd highly recommend them.”
-Arik, Darien, IL

Let Conversational reduce your administrative work so you have more energy and attention for your clients.