Legal Receptionists

The Cost of Hiring a Legal Receptionist

Of course, the obvious answer would be to hire a receptionist to handle all the incoming calls. However, this can be very expensive considering they won’t be on the phone all day long.

Often, law offices have their paralegals answering phone calls, which may seem like a good solution. The downside is that an employee trained to help with legal research and other legal tasks is taking time to answer phones when they could be utilized in a better way.

Small and solo law firms

As an attorney, you can have your cake and eat it, too. With a virtual receptionist, you will never miss an important call and you won’t need to pay a full salary for a receptionist within your office.

A virtual receptionist will free you and your legal team up to handle the needs of your paying clients. You will gain all the necessary benefits of hiring your own receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, you won’t miss any calls due to lunch breaks or other times away from the phone.

Important Benefits for Law Offices

Virtual receptionists provide many benefits for both small and large attorney offices.

Single attorney offices can keep their overheard low and make sure every potential client is greeted professionally on the phone. Larger law firms won’t need to spend money on expensive in-house receptionists or have paralegals answering their phones.

Instead of paying for a receptionist by the hour, you can pay per minute. With Conversational Receptionists, you can choose the plan that fits you best. There’s never a voicemail time limit or talk time limit. You can even have your voicemails delivered directly to your email.