Real Estate Receptionist

Customize Calls with a Virtual Receptionist

Real estate agents have unique receptionist needs because of the nature of their work. It’s an ebb and flow—most realtors don’t receive a flood of calls every day, month in and month out. With shifting call volumes and information requests, hiring a full-time receptionist can be uneconomical because often, he or she will sit at the desk with no calls to take.

Instead of paying a receptionist to be there full-time just in case a potential buyer calls, consider hiring a remote real estate receptionist. You can customize the amount of time your real estate receptionist is available to answer calls each month, so when you’re not expecting many calls, you won’t have to worry about paying your receptionist for all the time they’re not on the phone.

A real estate receptionist makes you more available to clients

As a real estate agent, you need to be able to concentrate on your clients. This means showing houses, going out to lunches and many other tasks. However, you also need to answer the phone when a potential client or a current client call with an important question.

How are you supposed to do both? You can’t just leave a client hanging while you take calls on your mobile phone. This comes off as unprofessional and rude.

However, with a virtual real estate receptionist through Conversational, you’ll have somebody answering your phones at all times. This is far better than just a voicemail message, which could annoy clients and potential clients.

Set up call preferences and we’ll handle the rest

When you’re out of the office, we’re in the office taking your phone calls. Our experienced receptionists will handle your calls according to your specifications.

You can set the priority of specific clients and of new business, if necessary. When somebody important calls, we can forward the call to you at any number you prefer. Our full call screening will ensure you only have to take the most important calls.