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California Answering Service Information

A California answering service should be able to serve clients all over the state, just as Conversational does. We are available to take your calls from 4:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST. This ensures you won’t miss the calls that come in just before you open and right after you close.

You can find California answering service providers that specialize in different industries:

We offer specialization in all the above industries. Our team of skilled and trained receptionists have years of experience working across different industries, in addition to learning the lingo and processes associated with each. Our lawyer, entrepreneur, salon, insurance, construction, medical, and retail clients consistently give us the top rating of 5 stars.


Features offered with every call answering package include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Live Call Answering
  • General Inquiries and Basic Customer Service
  • Advanced Call Screening
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Set Temporary Call Instructions
  • Voicemail Messages Delivered by Email
  • Messages to Email or App
  • Live Call Transferring
  • Customized Greeting
  • Customized Hold Music or Informational Recordings
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Free Event/Sales Promotion
  • Unlimited Talk Time After Transfer
  • Monthly Minutes Used Report
  • Ability to Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade Your Plan Anytime
  • 30 Day free trial with 1,000 minutes included


Availability for California clients is as follows: 4:00am-5:00pm PDT/PST.  We handle calls during these hours and our team is available to reach via phone, email, or live chat on our website during these hours. This should cover the time you are in the office to ensure you’re not missing any calls. Catch the early calls that come in before you open. You’ll be able to walk into your place of business at 8:00am and find a list of leads to call back waiting in your email inbox or text messages with information from early-morning callers, thanks to your answering service.


Pricing starts at $159/month for our Entrepreneur call answering package including 100 minutes and all features, including message delivery via email, customer service for your callers, and a free local phone number. Our Business call answering package is $309/month including 200 minutes with all features, and our Corporate call answering package is $699/month including 500 minutes with all features.

Compare this pricing with hiring an onsite receptionist to handle these tasks – our service price is a small fraction of the cost you’d pay to hire even a part-time receptionist. And don’t forget to take advantage of our free 30 Day trial when you sign up for any of our plans!


Accessibility and coverage are available throughout all the 50 states as well as Canada. Anyone with an internet connection or existing phone number can use our call answering service. We make it easy to sign up and get started by allowing you to forward your business phone calls to the call answering specialists here in our office. In most cases, we’ll have your account up and running within a few hours of your sign-up.


Take a look for yourself and see what some of our existing California-based clientele have to say about our “Golden” service! You can find additional reviews of Conversational on Consumer Affairs and Trust Pilot.

Review from Roy of Pleasant Hill, CA
“The main benefit that our business got from partnering with Conversational is that their service has allowed flexibility. They’re able to answer the phone, so we don’t have to have someone dedicated to the telephone. They’re also able to screen calls, so we get the important ones and people that pretend to be doing surveys don’t get through.
All the operators have been pleasant, and my clients are satisfied with their interactions with them. They call, schedule, and update the calendar, and they’re professional and do a good job. I’m satisfied with the service and I’d recommend it to others who need it.”

Review from William of San Diego, CA
“Conversational is on the same service level as Ruby Receptionist that I used (Ruby is good but expensive). Then I got Conversational and it’s exceptional. I even call in every now and then just to test it and they do a good job. They’re professional in how they answer the phone and they make the business look larger than what it is. And although my call volume is low, it’s good to hear that. It’s definitely positive and I’m very pleased. They’re professional and definitely worth the money.”

Review from Barbara of Glendale, CA
“Everything was great with Conversational Receptionists. They worked on our pricing and did everything. We used them when I was on vacation so that someone would answer the phone. They also sent me emails with the messages, which is exactly what I wanted.”

Review from Pehr of Menlo Park, CA
“They have allowed me to focus on other business priorities instead of answering the phone on a day-to-day basis.”

Review from Emme of Sacramento, CA
“Conversational is a good company. The receptionists are very well-trained, professional and have always done whatever was required. The ladies do a very good job of communicating, answering and asking questions so I have no complaint to make. The virtual assistance helps because I’m busy throughout the day. It had a positive impact as far as on the legal side because most of the attorneys didn’t like to engage with the client. We have a good business relationship.”

Review from Bethany of Yucaipa, CA
“I looked Conversational Receptionists up on Google. They’re my first virtual receptionist. They do all my calls for me and it’s always been very good. They’ve helped my business a lot.” 

Review from Tommy of San Francisco, CA
“We’re a small business with offices in New York and San Francisco. We’re a production company so we’re in the field all the time filming and doing things. It’s nice to have people to call us with one number and then the receptionist can try to track us down and leave us both an email and a message.
I used to be with Ruby Reception and their prices kept going up. Conversational saved us money by being the less expensive option and then it’s been a solid resource. We use their answering and messaging service. The team has been great as well. All of the receptionists are friendly and courteous. Overall, it’s great.”


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