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When comparing answering services, it’s likely that features, price, availability, and accessibility are among your top considerations. What do they offer? How much does it cost? When can I use it? Where can I use it, and what do I need to get started? Here’s a little more information on Conversational and the Florida answering services we offer.

You can find Florida answering service providers that specialize in different industries:

We offer specialization in all of the above industries. Our team of receptionists have years of experience working across different industries, in addition to learning the lingo and processes associated with each. Our lawyer, entrepreneur, salon, insurance, construction, medical, and retail clients consistently give us the top rating of 5 stars.


Every plan we offer comes with all the following features for no additional cost. We’re always adding new features, so when you sign up, you may even get more than is listed below!

  • Live Call Answering
  • General Inquiries and Basic Customer Service
  • Advanced Call Screening
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Set Temporary Call Instructions
  • Voicemail Messages Delivered by Email
  • Messages to Email or App
  • Live Call Transferring
  • Customized Greeting
  • Customized Hold Music or Informational Recordings
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Free Event/Sales Promotion
  • Unlimited Talk Time After Transfer
  • Monthly Minutes Used Report
  • Ability to Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade Your Plan Anytime
  • 30 Day free trial with 1,000 minutes included

Other Florida answering service providers charge extra for the features we include free with every plan, like a local telephone number, and voicemail boxes. It really pays to do your research when it comes to choosing an answering service, so you don’t end up paying extra for the features that should come included with your plan!


Our availability for Florida answering service clients is as follows, listed by each time zone:

  • Open 6:00 am – 7:00 pm CST/CDT
  • Open 7:00 am – 8:00 pm EST/EDT

We’re hard at work answering calls during these hours and our team can always be reached via live chat, phone, or email during these hours. Most clients will find our hours cover not only their business hours, but a block of time before open and after close to help you capture those calls that come in just outside of business hours.


Your first month with Conversational is always free. That’s because we offer a full 30 Day trial to all new clients, and when we say it’s a full trial, we mean it. You’ll get your free local phone number plus all the features included in our paid plans when you sign up for our free trial. The best part? If you decide the service just isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time without penalty. Keep your local phone number even if you don’t sign up for a paid plan!

Pricing starts at $159/month for 100 minutes and all features, including message delivery via email or secure text message, customer service for your callers, and a free local phone number.

We do not charge a setup fee like many answering service providers – an average setup fee is $130, so when you choose Conversational, you’ve already saved that much! Find all of our pricing plans and information here.


Accessibility and coverage are available throughout all of the 50 U.S. states and Canada, and the sunny state of Florida is no exception. As long as you’ve got an existing phone number or an internet connection, you can use our answering service. We make it easy to get started. In most cases, we’ll have your account up and running within a few hours of your sign up. Now that’s quick and easy access!


Check out some of the reviews from our current Floridian clientele!

Review from Janet of Pensacola, FL
“Business increased since partnering with Conversational Receptionists. The phones are answered consistently so clients are booked. They’re always very professional and very polite. It’s great that we’ve even gotten feedback from clients. That’s a different level for us. We’ve even had clients come in and say that when they called, the person was really friendly and really helpful.”

Review from Miguel of Miami, FL
“I had a good experience with Conversational Receptionists. We reached out to them because we had a really high unexpected volume that our systems couldn’t handle. They were very helpful in taking the calls and messages and handling the volume for us. They kept in touch to make sure that things were going well. They followed up. If there was something that came up, they would come and reach out to us to let us know that they can resolve it. They gave us feedback throughout. We weren’t stuck with a long-term agreement. It was just as needed, and that was something that we really appreciated including the fact that we could engage them pretty quickly, and they were able to make the configurations and got the script and everything tested and up and running within a couple of days. I would recommend them and would definitely look to them again.”

Review from Matthew of Orlando, FL
“I looked up Conversational Receptionists online. They were much better than what I have previously used because they were answering properly and the other one wasn’t. Although the only thing we use them for was the virtual receptionist. Their team has been very friendly, and they’ve addressed any issues that we’ve had quickly. It has been a very pleasant experience.”

Review from Nicolas of Port St. Lucie, FL
“After researching various answering services, I decided to try Conversational, and I am glad I did! I have a small law firm and they have been a great resource and compliment to my business. I have received great feedback from clients. The agents that work at Conversational have also been very friendly and nice to work with. Whenever you have any issues (which is not often at all!) or requests, they are extremely responsive!”

Review from Felecia of Miami, FL
“Using Conversational is a really good experience, very easy to use, very friendly staff to work with if we ever have any issues. I was looking for a similar service to the one that I had before that was cheaper and found Conversational online. Aside from being much cheaper, it’s very easy to control the monthly call with them than with my previous company. We use the work hour answering service and it’s been great. Everyone on our team works remotely, and we’re not always able to answer the phone so having a live person to answer the phone at all times really helps. They also have a very friendly staff to work with if we ever have any issues. It’s a really good experience so far and I’d recommend them.”

Review from Jordan of Ft. Myers, FL
“Conversational Receptionists seemed like they were willing to learn our system and adapt. This plus their cost and the level of comfort with them were the factors that made us go with them. Communication was also good with the company. Conversational would pick up the calls if we weren’t available for the first two or three rings and they would book our appointment for us. They seem like they knew their boundaries as far as an answering service, what to and not to say, when to call and when to notify, and they were always very professional on the phone. It made a great impact to us. We would have had a very different outcome with that scenario with the call volume we have and the limited employees we had to answer the phone, if we didn’t have Conversational available.”


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