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Virginia Answering Service Information

We’re an answering service that is efficient, cost-effective, and simple to use. We answer all client calls live and with a smile, never relying on automated menus to greet your callers and represent your business.

Conversational has been serving small businesses since 2014. We hire exceptional receptionists that have years of experience managing client calls from multiple, specialized industries, including: Legal, medical, retail, real estate, marketing, insurance, local services, and more. Our team is friendly, warm, and professional, so you know your callers will be greeted and helped by the best in the business.

Answering Service Features

The following answering service features are included free with every plan we offer:

  • Live Call Answering
  • General Inquiries and Basic Customer Service
  • Advanced Call Screening
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Set Temporary Call Instructions
  • Voicemail Messages Delivered by Email
  • Messages to Email or App
  • Live Call Transferring
  • Customized Greeting
  • Customized Hold Music or Informational Recordings
  • Free Local Phone Number
  • Free Event/Sales Promotion
  • Unlimited Talk Time After Transfer
  • Monthly Minutes Used Report
  • Ability to Cancel, Upgrade, or Downgrade Your Plan Anytime
  • 30 Day free trial with 1,000 minutes included

You won’t miss out on features just because you’ve selected a cheaper plan. You can find more information on our answering service features and pricing here.

Giving you More Options

Our Virginia answering service is all about giving you, the business owner, options to customize and even personalize your business. Our goal is to handle your callers so seamlessly they’ll assume we’re in the office with you. In order to act like your business, we enable you customize and control as many factors of our answering service as possible. Here are a few examples:

  • Get a free local number or keep your own
  • Set the hours we’ll handle your calls
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan monthly based on the minutes you’ve used
  • Have us recite a custom greeting to your callers or use a script
  • Use our service full-time, part-time, or just for backup
  • Give different call handling instructions based on the caller’s identity
  • Ask our team to promote a deal or special to your callers
  • Receive messages via secure text message or email

We give you more options, so our service can best fit your business. If you have questions about a feature, please get in touch so we can help.


We offer some of the most competitive prices in the state and nationwide. All of our answering service plans come with a full 30 Day free trial, so your first month is always free. If you decide to sign up after your free trial, you’ll be able to choose from any of our 3 plans:

  • Entrepreneur plan – 100 minutes, all features included, $159/month
  • Business plan – 200 minutes, all features included, $309/month
  • Corporate plan – 500 minutes, all features included, $699/month

Ready to sign up? Skip ahead to our free trial sign-up page.


What do our Clients in the Region say?

Review from Susan of Chesapeake, VA
“We’ve benefited greatly when we use Conversational Receptionists’ service. We turn it on when we’re slammed either in the office with a lot of appointments or meetings that day, or when there is a ton of office works that need to be completed and we don’t want to miss the calls necessarily. We want them to be answered by someone and it’s very easy for us to turn the service on to where it helps us immediately. Also, it’s effective in the sense that we’re able to get the messages through email and then also return the calls back as time permits for us. We like the service and have definitely benefited from it. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do.”

Review from Erica of Washington D.C.
“Conversational is the first live answering company I tried and it freed me up a lot to do work. Their cost of the service is a great value for the price. I use their call screen feature the most and their system is super easy to use. Moreover, all my interactions with their team have been positive. They’re fantastic, do exactly what they say they’re going to do, courteous, and professional. They’re very responsive if I’m making some adjustment in the day to my call time or if I want a specific person to get through when I’m screening calls. It’s a great experience and I’ve recommended Conversational to a few other people.”

Review from Vijay in Catonsville, MD
“Before Conversational, we used Davinci Virtual. They’re about the same, but Conversational is less expensive. We mostly use the messaging feature since they send us emails of when people call. We interact with the team through email. It’s been a good experience. Also, we’re getting more calls from patients since they don’t get the machine and hang up.”


Dozens of other Virginia businesses have already taken the first step to more free time, fewer worries, and better customer service. There’s no obligation – sign up for our free one month trial by clicking the button below! Test drive the best Virginia answering service and find out how much time and money you’ll save!


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