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Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important. Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. See how we compare with our top competitors and find out why Conversational is the right call.

Ruby vs Conversational

One Clear Choice

Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important.

Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. Here’s a look at the top two choices for virtual receptionist services and how they compare.


Receptionists Time

Monthly Cost

Price Per Minute

Risk Free Trial Period

Offers Scheduling

Setup Fees

Custom Voicemail Boxes


100 minutes



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any web accessible software
*$79 Add-On



Abby Connect

100 minutes





$95 one time charge

Receptionists Time100100
Monthly Cost$209$349
Price Per Minute$2.09$3.49
Risk Free Trial Period30 Day Money Back Guarantee21 Day Money Back Guarantee
Offers SchedulingANY web accessible software $79 per monthLimited Softwares accepted
Setup FeesFreeFree
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What Ruby & Conversational Have in Common

The main thing you will find in common between these two leaders in the virtual receptionist industry is their professionalism. Both Conversational and Ruby provide great service and excellent receptionists ready to help you get the most out of your service. Both companies offer standard and custom plans to suit your business volumes. Other things they have in common include:

Offering Voicemail Service
Live Phone Answering
Forwarding Service
Ability to Route Calls to Multiple People/Departments

Even though these two companies have plenty in common, there are some features they simply do not share.



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There are many differences between Ruby and Conversational virtual receptionists. These differences range from small to very large. For example, If you choose a common 100 minute plan with Ruby, you will be paying $349/month, while with Conversational, you will pay $209. This makes a difference to your overhead, not to mention Ruby does annual price increases which drives many clients away due to increasing costs.

The Most Significant Differences

There are three major differences found between Ruby and Conversational. These three differences significantly separate these two companies.

    • First, Ruby’s 21-day risk free trial. With Conversational, we’ll offer you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so that you may test our services for a full month and see how great we really are. This also allows you to get an accurate read on your volume.


    • Second, the common 100 minute plan from Conversational is only $209, while Ruby’s comparable package is $349! That is a $1.40/minute cost savings to choose Conversational.


    • Finally, many business calls are regarding scheduling or calendar management. If your reception service cannot handle those calls this puts the work back in your hands. With Conversational, we will work with ANY web-based booking software to ensure you the freedom and the great client service your business deserves! Ruby offers scheduling with only those calendars that meet their requirements. Ensure your business is covered by choosing Conversational.




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Which Company Wins Between Ruby and Conversational?

The clear winner out of these two virtual receptionist companies is Conversational. With a less expensive base package, free setup without obligation, and many other benefits, you simply get more for the money you spend when you choose Conversational for your virtual receptionist services.

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