Our Promise to Salons: You’ll have the time to be fully present with your clients from start to finish

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No other salon can be you. See how our live reception services can help you impress your clientele.



Our receptionists have professional experience within the beauty industry and are trained in multiple fields of cosmetology and aesthetics. This makes us well versed on all standard salon terms necessary for communicating with you and your clients.

Your scheduling software

We can use most web accessible scheduling software. Calls come in, schedules get filled, and no one is interrupted by the phone while working with a client. Let us fill your calendar.

Gaps in your schedule

An appointment at 10 am followed by a gap and another appointment at 3 pm is a no-no. We’ll respect your time and help you and your team run at their best.

Reduce no shows

Our receptionists can make appointment reminder calls. Some of our clients have reduced their no shows by as much as 75% from this service.

Sick days

We’ll call through and re-schedule the entire day when someone is sick. Stay home and get better. We’ll handle the logistics and keep your clients informed.


Salons need sales for their service appointments and for the products they carry. Having all of your attention on the client from start to finish without phone calls interrupting you is vital. Create a great experience, showcase quality products, and sell effectively at check out .

Plans starting at $209/mo

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A Live Virtual Receptionist Shortens Your To-Do List

“Their customer service has been exceptional and they’ve been really great at explaining every detail of what they do. "
“I'd tell others that if they like to have more free time and have increased customer service for their business, they should definitely have an offsite receptionist at Conversational.”
Kai Bayless
“Conversational has allowed me to have a lot more free time. I don’t work seven days a week anymore. I can take days off and have those phones be answered. So, my experience with them has been great and I'm pleased with the overall appointments made for my spa."

Your prospects and clients…

schedule appointments easily and get questions answered


make everyone in the salon feel cared for like only you can

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“Conversational has been my "receptionist" for over 2 years, and they are wonderful! Their receptionists are great with my callers, and often go above and beyond my expectations.”
Maria, Durham, NC

Let Conversational be the voice of your salon. You create the environment people keep coming back to.