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Conversational is a virtual receptionist company with a core promise that we will help you save time and money by adapting our service to fit your business in any way we can. Last minute changes or switching what you need come standard.

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Small businesses are masters of doing everything and overcoming challenges. However, doing everything requires frequently switching between roles and results in slowed down productivity. We help save you time and money so you can focus on what makes your business thrive.

Our leadership team earned their experience in the small business trenches:
Health Care
Emergency Services
Real Estate
Customer Service
Tanya Lamont

Tanya Lamont

Tawnya Thompson

Tawnya Thompson

Sales and Operations Manager
Stephanie Schoolfield

Stephanie Schoolfield

Billing and Accounts Manager
Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee

Quality Assurance and Training Manager

All of this time spent starting and working in small businesses revealed 3 important factors:

There’s not enough time
There’s not enough money
No two small businesses are alike even within the same industry

Task switching between your primary role and reception is a strain on productivity. Small businesses shouldn’t have to do everything themselves. In 2014, Conversational was started with a clear goal in mind - helping businesses keep focus where it matters most.

We are organized not only to make professional virtual reception affordable, but also to save you time in hiring, training, and managing your reception team. 

What we do differently is that we customize our services to fit your business as much as possible. It’s what we love to do. We know your business is unique so we listen to your hurdles and find solutions to help you overcome those. All while providing a satisfying experience for your customers so you can feel relaxed that they are in good hands.

Every small business needs to save time and make money, but there is no single cookie cutter approach. At heart, we love coming in and meeting the challenges of our customers each day. We’ve seen most issues before and overcoming your hurdles to help you thrive is what we do

About Us
Great First Impression
We train our team on tone of voice, inflection, vocabulary and more to nail that first impression
Tailored To Your Industry
The receptionist for a lawyer should sound different than a receptionist for a salon
Friendly AND Helpful
Our receptionists keep training on the softwares you use and the soft skills needed to care for your customers
No Cookie Cutters
We actively look for ways to customize our service features to your needs.

Let Conversational be the voice of your Business.
You be the powerhouse.

Our Live Virtual Receptionists will make your life easier and your small business more profitable.
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We’ve got a long list of features we’ll customize to fit how you run your business...then we’ll do it again and again. We serve and adapt to support your changing needs.

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