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Virtual Receptionist Skills – Phone Etiquette and Customer Service

A virtual receptionist can be a very important member of your team. However, if they don’t possess the necessary skills and phone etiquette, they may not be the best choice. There are several services offering full-time virtual receptionists to help with your incoming calls. These services can ensure you never have to miss another call, set appointments, take orders, forward/transfer

4 Quick Vacations Business Owners Can Actually Take

It’s important to get away sometimes, but you may not be able to leave your business for two weeks or even a full week. Every entrepreneur needs a break. Here are four of the best vacations you can take to get a break from your business for a few days. A Cruise If you live near a cruise port or
March 21, 2024

Can a Salon Survive Without a Receptionist?

The salon industry is one of many that regularly employ front desk receptionists to take calls and manage appointments. If you own a beauty salon or barber shop or are in the process of opening one, you’re probably concerned about cutting costs wherever possible without sacrificing the quality of your services. You might have assumed that hiring a receptionist is the

Five Phrases you Should Never Use with a Client on the Phone

You love talking to your customers on the phone and making them feel great about their interaction with your brand. But sometimes, brands fail at customer interactions because they’re using the wrong phrases on the phone. There are some phrases you should never use with a client on the phone, though they may sound harmless at first. Every interaction with

When Virtual Receptionists Are a Bad Business Decision

Whoa, hold it right there – a virtual receptionist provider writes an article about the scenarios when virtual receptionists are a bad business decision? Sounds like a bad business decision in the making, right? Not necessarily. We’re not the only virtual receptionist providers out there. While many small companies employ teams of skilled virtual receptionists the same way we do, many

The 3 Employees You Need on Your Team

Small business teams don’t need to be large to be effective. In fact, the fewer people on your team, the easier and more cohesive your work will be – if you hire the right people. The people you need on your team are those who understand your company mission, fit the cultural parameters you’ve defined, and truly know their stuff.
February 22, 2024

6 Proven Methods for Landing Your First Customers

Looking for your first customers seems like a monumental task at first. Without a clear picture of your target audience or connections to influential people in the business community, you can find yourself struggling to land your first client or customer. Early adopters will be a meaningful segment of your customer base throughout your time in business, so it’s important
February 15, 2024

Forty Eight Percent of Entrepreneurs Grew Up in a Family Business

Did you know that 48% of entrepreneurs grew up in a family business? While a little more than half of all entrepreneurs come from a background with zero entrepreneur experience, many people that start their own business grew up seeing their family run a business of their own. 48% of Entrepreneurs Grew Up in a Family Business Sometimes entrepreneurs wonder
February 8, 2024

The 3 Most Difficult Phone Calls Your Business Will Deal With

Throughout the course of operating, your business will deal with some difficult phone calls. Some will come in the form of bad news, but the focus of this post are difficult customer service calls. When a customer calls with a problem – whether it’s about closing an account or needing an exception to a policy rule – the resulting conversation can

10 Ideas for January Promotions

Our virtual receptionists allow you to customize your service from the greeting callers receive to any promotions or services you’d like them to share with callers. When you use Conversational, you can have your virtual receptionist share info about your current promotions with every caller. We came up with several ideas for January promotions that will save your company from the January
January 25, 2024