Fully Customized Call Handling

With basic answering services you only get transfers and messages. That type of call handling doesn’t take time off your hands. It also doesn’t provide efficiency or great customer service.

It doesn’t matter in which line of business you activate, Conversational will adapt to ensure you get the answering services that fit your needs.
More than that, we’ll make sure your customers get the services they need!

What can Conversational provide you with? Below are just a few examples of what we can do for you, starting right now!


Personalized Call Service for whenever you need it

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  • Live Receptionist Answering Services

    Provides a professional friendly voice with your custom greeting instead of an automated recording making a better more personable first impression.

  • Custom Message Intake

    Need particular information gathered? No problem. Conversational can create custom message forms to ensure you get the information you need.

  • Message Delivery via Email, Form, App or Text

    Receive your messages no matter what your preference.

  • Call Transfers

    Select a warm or cold transfer, if you’re unavailable select to have the caller deposited in your own voicemail or have us create one for you. You may also choose to have a live message taken and delivered via email, text, etc.

  • New Client Intakes

    A more extensive collection of personalized information great for medical / therapeutic industries but can be incorporated into any industry.

  • Call Screening

    Define your types of calls to ensure the right calls go to the right people!

  • Transfers by Department or Personnel

    Prefer to have calls directed by staff name? We can do that too!

  • Temporary Call Handling

    Let us know when your unavailable and we can set a temporary action for the time of your unavailability.

  • Message Holding

    Sometime during absences like vacation or handling out of office matters you may wish to have all messages held by your receptionists and delivered at a certain time of day. Our receptionist service can do just that.

  • Appointment Booking / Reschedules / Cancellations

    We provide basic booking services on ANY web-based software. Please note this is a Virtual Reception Plan add on. Please see our main page or Virtual Reception Services Page for details.

  • Appointment Cancellation Notifications

    Does your software not have the option of notifications? We can incorporate this into your booking steps.

  • Collect Call Reporting

    Need to keep tally on you collect calls for reimbursement? Conversational can provide you a monthly report for your use.

  • VIP/Ignore Caller Lists

    Have important callers, or calls you wish not to receive? Provide us with the information and we will ensure they are followed accordingly.

  • Providing Caller Basic Details

    Common questions your callers always ask? We can supply a general FAQ and utilize your website information as well to answer your callers general inquiries.

  • Emergency Call Alerts

    Have important call types you need immediate notification for? We can send an emergency message via text or email or attempt transfer to a designated number.

  • Outbound Calls

    Need a call made? Available to clients after their free trial period, a receptionist can make an outbound call on your behalf. Missed appointments mean missed time so many of our clients utilize this for appointment reminders to keep their schedules filled.

  • CRM Completion

    Have your callers information directly entered into your CRM. This is an advanced call handling add on and details of this are provided on our main page OR on the Virtual Reception Services page.

  • Custom Voicemail Boxes

    Script your custom voicemail your way, plug your website, hours of operation or have us draft up a greeting on your behalf. Messages delivered via email and with text notification.

  • Deter Sales and Solicitation Calls

    Create a custom voicemail for solicitation calls so you don’t use your minute usage but still have the opportunity to review those messages.

  • Status Update Changes

    Out of the office for the day, vacation or moving your office? Just advise us and we will add a status alert on your call handling.

  • Lead Entry

    Never miss another potential lead, have the right information captured to ensure you never miss another qualifying lead.

  • Order Taking

    Online store or online ordering? Conversational can help process those for your callers by working with your online order taking system. Please note this is a plan add on and details can be seen on our main page or Virtual Reception Services page.

  • Call Notifications

    Need notifications for transferred calls? We can send a call notification alert with the caller ID and name for your reference. Our answering services are that good!

  • Call Reports

    Receive a generic log of all your calls instantly – daily -weekly or monthly.

  • VoIP Solutions and Features

    Looking for just an automated menu to route your calls? We can create a custom IVR(interactive voice recording) to route your calls to your specifications. Have it fully automated or have just particular options go to your receptionist team.

    Please see details on our Custom Business VOIP Solutions page located in our main tool bar.

  • Flexible Pricing and Plan Options

    We provide the best dollar for dollar value and you only pay for the time your receptionist is on the line. We find the best plan to fit your needs and if you need a custom plan, we will build one for you. No minimum call time and billing is by the second.

  • Block Callers

    Have a harassing number you wish would stop calling? We can block that number and prevent anymore calls from a particular caller ID.

    Please note an additional $2/number fee for this.

We're Here to Customize Your Call Handling

Should you have other call handling you wish to have added please reach out to our sales agents to inquire. Conversational customizes to fit our client’s needs.

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