Should You Use a Virtual Receptionist for Call Screening?

Should You Use a Virtual Receptionist for Call Screening?

Crazy customers are a part of business. At some point it’s necessary to deal with these customers. Choosing the way you deal with them is within your control, however. There are many alternatives available other than ignoring them or hanging up on them.

Adding a Virtual Receptionist to Your Team

When you receive calls from customers, regardless of their level of crazy, a virtual receptionist can help. They can answer the phone for you and use their training to be very polite in helping the customer.

Sometimes, they will be able to help the customer without any issue. However, they may need to route the customer to the right voicemail to leave a message.

This is a great way to screen calls and deal with the crazy customers on your own time. You won’t have to avoid answering the phone or worry about upsetting current customers because you know a crazy customer is going to call.

How to Handle Crazy Callers

It’s not just customers that can be a bit crazy and hard to deal with. Sometimes marketing calls come from people you simply don’t have time to deal with. These interruptions can cause you to struggle to get your work done and as you fall behind, your customers may suffer.

Some marketing calls may be worth your time, but most will just be a disruption to your day. With a virtual receptionist, you can screen these calls. The important calls can leave a message and you can get back to them, while the other calls can be screened and you won’t have to deal with them at all.

Why is Call Screening So Important?

You’re a very busy person if you run your own business and you don’t need interruptions throughout your day. These interruptions can come in many different forms, but some you can avoid. Whether it’s a crazy customer, a marketing call or another type of call you don’t have time for at the moment, screening can help you stay on task.

Many callers expect you to be able to solve their issue immediately, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, you need to get back to them after you’ve prepared to help them with their issue. Letting a Virtual Reception screen these calls while sending the callers that cannot be helped immediately to your voicemail will allow you time to prepare.

When you return the message, you will be ready to help them with their need and diffuse the situation quickly. The customer will be so thrilled with how well you take care of them; you may just take them from a crazy customer to a regular buyer.

Often, businesses have customers that can be a bit too talkative, too. Virtual receptionists are trained to deal with this in a polite and professional manner. Instead of letting a talkative customer get on your nerves and take up your time, you can screen them with a virtual receptionist.

Whether dealing with crazy customers interrupting your day or any other distraction, you can use a virtual receptionist service to help with call screening. This can make it easier to find the flow you need in your work day without neglecting your customers.