10 Ideas for January Promotions

January 25, 2024
10 Ideas for January Promotions

Our virtual receptionists allow you to customize your service from the greeting callers receive to any promotions or services you’d like them to share with callers.

When you use Conversational, you can have your virtual receptionist share info about your current promotions with every caller.

We came up with several ideas for January promotions that will save your company from the January slump.

If you need some ideas for January promotions that will delight your callers and customers, check out the list of 10 promo ideas below!

10 Ideas for January Promotions

A new loyalty or rewards program

Start a loyalty or rewards program and tell your customers about it to start getting people enrolled! Use points, freebies, cash outs, etc. to make your rewards program exciting for customers and get them involved this January.

Buy One Get One Free deals

Everyone loves getting something free, and the beauty of the BOGO deal is that they still have to buy one item in order to get the freebie! Hold a BOGO promotion in January to entice holiday shoppers back out of their homes and get them used to the idea of spending again.

Website scavenger hunt for discounts

This is one of the most creative ideas for January promotions – hold a website scavenger hunt for discounts. Your customers will flood your website, looking for clues to complete the scavenger hunt and earn a discount from you. It’s an exciting game after the holiday season leaves everyone feeling a bit “What now?”

Free gift with purchase

Offer a free gift with purchase in January to unload something you bought too much of over the holiday season. This works perfectly for the BOGO promotion as well. Tack a small gift onto a purchase of a certain amount and suddenly, people are clamoring to buy from you!

Service upgrade or add-on

If you can afford to add a small add-on or service upgrade this January, it certainly makes for a great promotion. You can have your virtual receptionist tell callers that (an example) you’re offering free brow wax with every haircut now through the end of month.

Share Your Resolution campaign

Ask your customers, callers, followers, and website visitors to share their resolution with you this January to stir up some engagement and keep in touch with your audience after the holiday rush. Create an image to share online with a hashtag like #ShareYourResolution, instruct your virtual receptionist to tell callers about the promotion, and watch them come rolling in! Bonus: You learn a little more about your customers through their resolutions.

Host a giveaway or sweepstakes

Give something substantial away to really drum up interest in January. A few days at a small resort in a nearby destination is a great starting point. Alternatively, you may want the giveaway to be for products or services you render. That’s fine too, but make it a big-ticket item if you want customers to enter!

Winter-themed advertisements

Winter sports, hot cocoa, snow, football, getting cozy – whatever winter means to you, create a relevant promotion around it that will appeal to your audience. A male audience that enjoys sports might like an ad featuring bobsledding, while a female audience into fashion might enjoy an ad featuring a winter outfit composed of clothing currently on sale.

Fitness-themed advertisements

So many people make fitness-related resolutions at the start of the New Year – you can take advantage of that trend by molding your ideas for January promotions around it! Offer a discount or deal on a fitness-related product, depict fitness activities and exercise in your ads, or simply talk about fitness resolutions and meeting goals.

Super Bowl campaign

The Super Bowl is the largest American sporting event of the year for a reason – some people treat this day like a holiday all it’s own! Rely on the Super Bowl to develop January promotions that will be a touch down with your audience (too much?). Even if you just share a Super Bowl party snack idea with a recipe, you can get involved in the Super Bowl excitement!