How Virtual Receptionists Help with Order Processing During the Holidays?

How Virtual Receptionists Help with Order Processing During the Holidays?

The holidays can be stressful and overwhelming for everyone, especially business owners. Demands are high, and everyone wants to spend time with their families. However, you never want to miss out on potential opportunities.

Many business owners will sacrifice their time with family, by allowing staff members to take off, while they stay behind to care for the phones. This is a solution that can become tiring, after years of being the one to sit alone in the office to answer phones.

You became a business owner for a reason. The freedom that comes with owning your own business should never be compromised. When it is, you begin to lose passion, and become resentful for having to miss out on holiday fun.

There is an affordable solution to your holiday staffing needs. A virtual receptionist is trained to do a variety of tasks. They can run your office from a remote location, and ensure you do not miss out on potential sales.

The benefits of having a virtual receptionist are endless. Here are some of the tasks a virtual receptionist can perform, that will help eliminate holiday stress.

Answering Phones

If there are days you want to take off, your virtual receptionist can care for all your customers needs, and forward urgent phone calls to your cell phone. Your customers will appreciate talking to a live person, even when you are not in the office. This provides them with the comfort that they are buying from a company who cares about their needs.

Call Forwarding

If a snow day occurs, allow staff members to stay at home and work. Your virtual receptionist can forward phone calls to the correct staff members. This will allow your business to run smoothly, while everyone is safely at home. Your customers will be delighted that they can still reach staff members to get their questions answered.

Generate Business

A virtual receptionist will help your business flourish. They will be able to answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, take detailed messages, forward calls to the right staff members, as well as complete sales.

They can fully run your office when you are not available. Plus, you will not have to train them or pay full time benefits. Product sales can continue, and opportunities will no longer be missed. This is a great factor to have during the holiday season. Your customers will be thoroughly satisfied with the service they are receiving, which will result in more sales from them and referrals.

Message Delivery

When you are away, your messages can be sent to you by text or email. This will help you know what is going on in your business at all times. You are less likely to miss out on messages, and this will create more sell opportunities.

Extend Business Hours

Your virtual receptionist will work the hours that you need them. Since they work from a remote location, you can offer extended holiday hours to your customers. The virtual receptionist can answer calls a few hours before you open or after you close. Extending hours during the holiday season will help you better service your clients.


Your virtual receptionist is trained to schedule or change appointments. In return, you will be able to see your schedule instantly, and be alerted of the changes. This will keep new business generating when you’re out of the office.


Phones can serve as a huge distraction to your staff. It can be impossible to get task done if staff members have to take turns answering the phone. A virtual receptionist will care for all calls, and ensure they are forwarded to the right staff member. This will allow your workers to be more productive, and experience fewer interruptions. Plus, you want to give your customers a good first impression. A virtual receptionist will be knowledgeable, and be able to cater to your customer’s needs.

Complete Sales

Virtual receptionist has the ability to process payments online, which will help you complete sales more efficiently. Money will keep coming in, no matter where you are at, so enjoy the holidays with your family.

A virtual receptionist is a valued staff member. They have the ability to help your business grow, become more productive, and increase revenue. This is something you want all year round, but can really enhance your business experience during the holiday season.