Top FAQs about Virtual Receptionists

Top FAQs about Virtual Receptionists

Are you considering bringing a virtual receptionist into the mix? It would help with all of those overwhelming phone calls and take a bit of the workload off your shoulders. You don’t want an automated robotic voice handling your customers’ calls giving them an impersonal feeling from your business but you also could use the extra help.

It’s not really in the budget but neither is a full-time receptionist. How expensive is a virtual receptionist and what all can they do? Here is a look at the frequently asked questions about virtual receptionists that may be swaying you away from the idea when in reality, they can do a lot for your company’s success.

Going modern in the workplace

You may have made small changes in the workplace that have modernized your office, like the fresh fruit laying around instead of donuts or the espresso machine in place of a coffee pot. Have you considered ways to modernize your operations?

The way of the future is eliminating unnecessary expenses and your receptionist desk is the perfect place to start. While a full-time receptionist may still be needed for some, for others it’s a cost that could be spent in smarter ways.

A virtual receptionist usually makes more sense than a full-time staff member because they don’t require as much of a compensation, they are available all of the time and you don’t have to worry about time off interrupting the service like you would with a receptionist.

What can they do for me?

A live receptionist is a real person that answers your calls from a remote location. You’ll have a professional, friendly voice answering all of your incoming calls during the time of day you determine. You won’t have to worry about your customers getting sent to voicemail or even bothering you with a small question during your important tasks.

The receptionist will handle FAQs, schedule appointments, transfer calls and take messages depending on your preferences. They will be located elsewhere which means you don’t have to provide a workspace, phone line, or other resources.

Why go with the live receptionist?

Your live receptionist will not only handle your incoming calls, but they can handle your customer questions, schedule appointments and handle your emails. A busy business owner can stop worry about customer inquiries when they are working on marketing efforts, meetings or handling the budget. The live receptionist will take care of this constant interruption during the work day or after hours when you have no one else to handle the phones.

It’s a great way to add a professional voice to your customer without a highly priced staff member. It makes a first impression which is so important to small businesses. You’ll appear to be a big, established company if you need someone to answer your phones. It’s handy for any business that doesn’t work in one location like an electrician because the calls will be handled while they are on the job. You can’t beat the live voice on the other end compared to an automated voice like most small businesses use.

If you need to cut costs from hiring more staff members, you need a way to appear more professional and you aren’t always available to get the phone, a live receptionist is perfect for you. You can choose from US or overseas options and they can still offer a local phone number as to not deter potential customers. Don’t let common questions like these deter you from using the service; it could be the upgrade your company is craving.