6 Life Hacks for Increasing Your Productivity Each Work Day

6 Life Hacks for Increasing Your Productivity Each Work Day

Everybody is looking for ways to be more productive throughout the day. It’s the only way to gain time when you can’t make the day any longer than 24 hours. All that you can do is make the most out of those hours and find shortcuts to get things done faster in order to get more done with the time you have.

When you only have so many hours in the day and you have a million things to do, how do you increase your productivity to see more results from your work? How do you get everything done in such a short time? Trying a few life hacks may be the alternative to getting to work earlier or disabling your business’s social media account to avoid distractions. Here is a look at these tips and more for a better work day.

Two Computer Monitors

Have you ever considered that one computer monitor isn’t enough? When you work at a desk all day, sometimes having one monitor to handle all of the tabs, spreadsheets and word documents that you are working with isn’t enough. Spring for a second monitor and you may find improved productivity at your workstation. You don’t have to switch from documents and material so often when you separate the work between two monitors.

Eliminate Distractions

Sometimes it’s a matter of having too many distractions that is hurting your productivity. If you eliminate social media, email forwards, text messages and more from your day, you’ll find that you have more time than you realized to get the actual work done. Save those funny email forwards and Facebook updates for after work so that you can get the work done before dinner time.

Carrying Papers When You Walk Around the Office

You can play a simple mind trick on those you come across by just carrying paper around with you when you walk around the office. It will come across that you are busy, on a mission or in the middle of something and you will be less likely to get pulled away for a conversation. Carry a report or printed letter around to avoid disruptive chit-chat.

Get to Work Earlier

Maybe arriving to work 30 minutes early is all you really need. Think about it. If you left the house a little earlier and had an extra 30 minutes to work before you even start the day, how much more could you get accomplished?

No one would be at the office yet and you’d have time to check emails, grab your cup of coffee, and plan your day without affecting your work time. It may be the key to getting some early morning tasks out of the way without distraction, which means your work day is already set up for success. You may even finish work early, which means you might make it home before rush hour traffic!

Two Minute Rule

Try the two minute rule throughout the day. The rule says that if you can get a task done in two minutes, do it now. Whether it’s a phone call to schedule an appointment, replying to an email or filling out paperwork, do it now rather than waiting.

If you plan on doing it later, you will waste time remembering to do it, planning to do it and actually getting it done. Another trick is the 5-minute rule which says that when you feel like procrastinating, spend 5 minutes working on something and you’ll most likely beat procrastination and keep the flow going.

Other ways to increase productivity are to schedule times throughout the day to check email, batch together small tasks to better manage your time, plan your sleep schedule and keep your choices limited from clothing to food choices. These tips will help make the most out of your day.