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The right phone answering service makes a difference. You won’t need to worry about any more missed calls with Conversational!

Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important. Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. See how we compare with our top competitors and find out why Conversational is the right call.

VoiceNation vs Conversational One Clear Choice

Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important.

Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. Here’s a look at the top two choices for virtual receptionist services and how they compare.

VoiceNation and Conversational offer solutions for small, medium and large businesses. When you run into the issue of dealing with calls after hours or a high call volume, either company can provide a solution. Here’s a quick comparison of both companies.


Receptionists Time

Monthly Cost

Price Per Minute

Risk Free Trial Period

Offers Scheduling

Setup Fees

Custom Voicemail Boxes


100 minutes



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any web accessible software
*$79 Add-On



Abby Connect

100 minutes





$95 one time charge

Receptionists Time100100
Monthly Cost$209$229
Price Per Minute$2.09$2.29
Risk Free Trial period30 Day Money Back Guarantee7 Days or First 30 Minutes
Offers SchedulingANY web accessible software $79 per monthLimited Softwares accepted
Setup FeesFreeFree
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Business Isn’t Supposed To Be Personal...But It’s Your Small Business

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Get started with a company that supports you (and we recommend starting with a money-back guarantee or free trial period).

Scheduling Services


Many business calls are regarding scheduling and calendar management. With Conversational, we will work with any web-based booking software to ensure you the freedom and great client service your business deserves.

Although VoiceNation will handle your scheduling needs, this feature is only integrated with Calendly. Therefore, if you are using any other software's for your calendar management you may be seriously restricted for having VoiceNation handle your appointments as this system are only capable of allowing you to work with basic calendar features.

Not having complete calendar management services for your business means your
virtual receptionist is not fully taking the work off your hands. Choose the service that respects your time as well as your client’s time care of all your call handling needs.




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Both VoiceNation and Conversational offer virtual receptionist services. Both offer plenty of features and give you the ability to sound like a larger business, even if you work from home.


The Most Significant Differences


With many business decisions it comes down to the price. The decision to hire a virtual receptionist is no different. VoiceNation offers a variety of packages just like Conversational, however their comparable plan of 100 minutes costs $229/month, where Conversational is $209/month. That's $0.20 per minute difference in costs.

Should you go over your minute usage with Conversational you are still paying that same per minute rate of $2.09/minute however VoiceNation charges a premium of $2.19/minute.


    • Trial Period
    • With Conversational, we believe you will love our service so much we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you nothing to lose to see how our service can out compare our competitors. VoiceNation offers a 7 day trial period or your first 30 minutes of service. This limits you on getting a true feel for the service!



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Which Company Wins Between VoiceNation and Conversational?

The clear winner out of these two virtual receptionist companies is Conversational. With their all in one package pricing, free setup without obligation, and many other benefits and features Conversational is a tier above VoiceNation. You simply get more for the money you spend when you choose Conversational for your virtual receptionist services.

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