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See Why Conversational Is The Right Virtual Receptionist Service

The right phone answering service makes a difference. You won’t need to worry about any more missed calls with Conversational!

Finding the right company for your virtual receptionist is very important. Without the right team, you may not end up with the service you need. Some receptionists simply are not as good as others. See how we compare with our top competitors and find out why Conversational is the right call.

Answerforce vs Conversational One Clear Choice

The right phone answering service makes a difference. You won’t need to worry about any more missed calls. Both Conversational and Answerforce are probably capable of providing the service you need, but they are not the same.

The coverage is only one of the differences between these two reception services. Here’s a look at some of the other differences to help you make the right decision.



Receptionists Time

Monthly Cost

Price Per Minute

Risk Free Trial Period

Offers Scheduling

Setup Fees

Custom Voicemail Boxes


100 minutes



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any web accessible software
*$79 Add-On



Abby Connect

100 minutes





$95 one time charge

Receptionists Time100200
Monthly Cost$209$279
Price Per Minute$2.09$1.95
Risk Free Trial Period30 Day Money Back GuaranteeNone
Offers SchedulingANY web accessible software $79 per monthSetmore Integration Only
Setup FeesFree$99 Setup Fee
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Business Isn’t Supposed To Be Personal...But It’s Your Small Business

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Do You Really Need 24/7 Coverage?

Part of the reason why clients choose Answerforce is due to their 24/7 coverage.

Some businesses need 24/7 coverage, but not all businesses need this extended coverage. If you are a common 9am to 5pm EST business, Conversational will already help you expand your phone hours to 7am to 8pm EST. This gives you an added five hours per day, along with holidays. For some businesses, this is plenty and the added hours past 8pm or before 7am are simply unnecessary.

It’s better to choose a company offering what you really need in the services they offer. If you don’t need after-hours emergency phone answering, Conversational may be the better choice.



Free Trial

Answerforce does not offer any trial periods or money back guarantees, which is normally standard among virtual reception providers. This could say something about their service and their confidence in delivering a great client impression. With Conversational, you can try the services as we offer you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee without any commitment or obligation.

If you want to gain time and increase productivity, adding Conversational to your team will make a huge difference. No call will ever go missed again and you can expand your phone hours. This could lead to more sales, more appointments and more profits.


Rest Easy with the Right Phone Answering Service


Choosing Conversational as your live answering service will provide you with plenty of benefits. Since the service will be branded to your company, you don’t ever need to answer an incoming call again. Let the virtual receptionists handle it and if the call needs to be forwarded to you, then you can answer the phone.

Answerforce provides a solid phone answering service, but they may not give you the same experience as Conversational.

 If you let the phone ring more than twice, it’s too slow. With Conversational, 99% of your calls will be answered on the first ring.

Along with a fast answer time, you will have all of your leads captured. When somebody is ready to answer your phone fast, you get every lead and no call goes missed. This is a benefit both companies provide as they both provide live phone answering services.


Scheduling and Calendar Management


Many business calls are regarding scheduling for many services. If your reception service cannot handle those calls this puts the work back in your hands.

With Conversational we will work with any web-based booking software to ensure you the freedom and great client service your business deserves.

Answerforce currently does not handle Any Calendar Integration Other Than with setmore. This Leaves a Business Unable to Use Key Features Many Specialized Softwares Offer.

The Overall Best Choice

For small businesses looking to turn their calls over to the professionals, Conversational appears to be the right choice. Contact us today and find out all the benefits of a live phone answering service for your business needs.


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