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Abby Connect vs. ConversationalOne Clear Choice

The right phone answering service makes a difference. You won’t need to worry about any more missed calls. Both Conversational and Abby Connect are probably capable of providing the service you need, but they are not the same.

With a quick view below of our comparison image you will see there is only one clear choice. However, read further to get a full breakdown of those details.

Category Conversational Abby Connect
Receptionists Time 100 minutes 100 minutes
Monthly Cost $159 $279
Price Per Minute $1.59 $2.79
Risk Free Trial Period 30 Days 14 Days
Offers Scheduling Any web accessible software *$79 Add-On NONE
Setup Fees FREE $95 one time charge
Custom Voicemail Boxes Unlimited Unlimited

Comparing the Price

Of course, one of the most important things to compare between Abby Connect vs Conversational is the price. They both provide similar packages, but the price is certainly different.

With Abby Connect you will get the 100 minutes for $279 per month. The package from Conversational for 100 minutes is $159 per month. That is a $1.20/minute cost savings to choose Conversational. Abby Connect also charges a setup fee on all client accounts of $95.

Abby Connect, like Conversational, offers a free trial period but this is only 14 days. With Conversational, we believe you will love our service so much we offer a full 30-day trial at not cost or obligation to you. Giving you nothing to lose to see how our service can out compare our competitors, and the proper time to not only truly see how the services benefit your business but also a great way to determine your true month’s call volume to ensure you are selecting the plan proper for your business needs.

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Scheduling and Calendar Management

Conversational will work with any web-based booking software to handle your appointment and calendar needs. Abby Connect does not offer scheduling or calendar management with their services, so this can be a great downfall for clients requiring this.

Not having calendar management services for your business means your virtual receptionists are not fully taking the work off your hands. Choose the service that respects your time as well as your client’s time and handles all your call handling needs.

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