Top 10 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant for Salons

June 23, 2021
Top 10 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant for Salons

Do you feel overwhelmed whenever you think of going to your salon? Are you always on the move trying to handle various tasks concerning your salon? You are not alone. Many salon owners struggle to handle every aspect of their business, leading to burnout. Fortunately, you can hire virtual assistants for salons to help with the day-to-day management of your business. 

When is the best time to hire a virtual assistant for salons?

  • You don’t enjoy doing administrative tasks and put them off for as long as possible. You may also not have the skill set to handle clerical duties.
  • Your workload at the salon is increasing, and you need support to run your business professionally. 
  • You know you need help but don’t have the budget to hire a full-time employee to handle various tasks. New projects are getting delayed because you do not have enough in-house resources. 
  • You are looking for a flexible employee that can handle the highs and lows of your salon business. In some cases, your clients need to be catered for outside normal working hours.
  • You are losing control of your business, resulting in missed opportunities, lower revenues, and loss of customers.
  • You are making costly mistakes because you cannot focus on the critical aspects of managing your salon. Most times, you make mistakes when you are busy, which makes you slip up easily.
  • You crave free time to focus on personal and business goals, which is impossible when handling daily tasks. You need a better balance between life and work. 
  • You need to scale your salon business, define processes while improving the existing ones, and require low-cost operational support to succeed. 

Why you should hire a virtual assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant for salons is the first step towards taking your salon business to the next level. Here are some reasons you should hire one if your business is to grow. 

  1. They give you time to focus on your core business.

When you have a professional virtual assistant handling daily administrative tasks; you have more time to attend to clients. Your team will also be more productive when they aren’t constantly on the phone speaking to customers or resolving issues when at work. With more time on your hands, you can focus on polishing your services or expanding the business.

  • They save you money.

Virtual assistants are remote workers, which means you don’t have to set up a working area at the salon. They use their equipment and only charge for the hours they work, making hiring them cost-effective. Besides their reasonable cost, experienced salon virtual assistants require minimal training, which saves you time as well. If you are on a budget, you can start with a part-time virtual assistant and upgrade to a full-time virtual assistant later on. 

  • They book and schedule your appointments.

It is hard to provide the best customer experience with your phone ringing off the hook and no one to answer it. Virtual assistants handle all your calls and respond to customers booking your services. When client inquiries and bookings are handled professionally, it often leads to increased sales for the salon. 

  • They can work 24/7.

Hiring a remote assistant minimizes missed opportunities for your salon. An assistant can be on standby during working and non-working hours to book appointments and respond to inquiries depending on your needs. Customers that book during non-working hours can be followed up the next day to ensure seamless communication. 

  • They maintain your client list.

Most salons rely on return clients, which can only be maintained by excellent customer service. You must often update your client list to ensure the details written in it is current. Virtual assistants for salons can help you maintain your client list by eliminating double entries and making changes when necessary. 

  • They help increase brand awareness.

Besides doing the normal administrative tasks, virtual assistants for salons can also improve your brand. An assistant with experience in marketing can help set up an online presence to help reach a wider market and bring in more customers. If you are starting a new salon, the assistant can develop a social media and website management plan to increase your brand awareness.

  • They manage your online reputation.

The internet has become a “must-have” marketing tool, with many salons investing in building their online brand. If your salon is already well known, virtual assistants can help attract new customers near and far by managing your online presence. Choose one with experience in digital marketing to manage your social media pages and website, resulting in a better connection with old and new customers. 

  • They offer customer support.

If you answer the same questions about your salon services all day long, you can delegate that task to a virtual assistant. A remote assistant can respond to inquiries about services and pricing by telephone or e-mail. Using a template, they can respond to hundreds of questions on your behalf without being present at the salon. Uncommon questions can be directed to you and answer shared with the customer later on.

  • They assist in staff management.

Salon owners with several stylists and technicians will find it beneficial to hire a virtual assistant for salons. The remote workers can assist in managing staff, making it easier to focus on other important business tasks. Virtual assistants can do some functions, including running background checks, renewing staff licenses, updating staff rosters, ensuring contracts are signed, and sending out staff notifications. 

  1. They handle vendor management.

If your salon outsources several services like cleaning or equipment maintenance, your virtual assistant can interact with them on your behalf. Professional remote assistants can coordinate the cleaning schedule with your preferred company. If you need to change vendors, they can seek out other providers and share quotes for you to make a decision. Salon owners that operate storefronts can have virtual assistants manage product shipments and inventory. 

Overall, virtual assistants for salons are the best choice for beauty salons that want to provide a great customer experience without breaking the bank.