5 Incredible Logo Makers for Small Businesses

April 14, 2023
5 Incredible Logo Makers for Small Businesses

A company’s logo is arguably the most important visual aspect of their brand. Hiring skilled graphic designers to create a logo is expensive and takes time. That’s why many small business owners and startup founders are turning to online logo makers (sometimes called logo creators).

These tools allow anyone, even those without graphic design experience, to create a professional and appealing logo.

Whether you’re still in the planning stages of starting your business and want to create a couple trial logo options or if you want to revisit your existing logo, having the ability to make your own logo for free or a low price offers a lot of benefits.

Following are 5 incredible logo makers for small businesses. Give them a try to create a logo that revitalizes your brand.

5 Incredible Logo Makers for Small Businesses

It’s important to look for logo makers that offer plenty of icon, font, and effect options to ensure your design will be unique from others that use the tool. Here are 5 of the best logo makers for small businesses.


Canva offers an intuitive free, cloud-based graphic design tool with powerful drag-and-drop design software. Canva has already enthralled more than 11 million users across 179 countries in a span of just 3 years.

Their logo maker has tons of customization options for more unique visual branding – after all, you don’t want your logo to look like someone else’s. Many of their elements and images are free, and those that aren’t won’t cost you more than $1 each. Not a bad deal to create a stunning logo!

Tailor Brands

This website encourages you to come ‘Design an entire brand’ using their logo maker and other branding services. It’s not free, but still costs less than hiring a graphic designer at $24 for high resolution logos emailed to you in PNG and JPG formats.

Other things are available, like business cards and social media profile and cover images, through their monthly Brands Studio membership ($9.99/month). These are modern, minimalist-style logos with bold, simple image, font, and icon choices.


GraphicSprings is a cleanly designed, modern website that promises you can create a logo in 1 minute or less. That’s incredibly quick, and we were a bit skeptical, so we gave it a try. Here’s what we came up with in about 5 minutes (see right).

The tool was easy to use, but we had trouble centering and properly spacing shapes and objects in the logo. Still, it was one of the best logo makers for small businesses we’ve seen so far. It’s free to create your logo, but if you like it and want to download it, it’s $19.99.

Logotype Maker

This website offers both free and premium options. If you’re just looking for a simple, temporary logo, the free option will work for you. Attribution to the website is required when you use a free logo. It’s $24.99 to get the premium package that doesn’t require attribution and allows you access to hundreds more fonts, logo shapes, resolution, transparent backgrounds, and more.


It’s free to create a logo on Designimo. You pay $29.95 for the high resolution and transparent background files if you decide you’d like to download your logo. This is a logo generator, meaning you enter your company name, tagline, or any information you’d like included in the logo, choose your industry, and select a pre-made logo template. You can then customize it to your brand.

These are our favorite logo makers for small businesses because they each offer unique icons, fonts, images, and design options. Some of the sites allow you to create other branded items right from the same dashboard. That’s great for small business owners!

Do you have a go-to logo creation tool that we didn’t mention here? How about a custom logo service that always gets it right? Let us know!