Home Office Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Home Office Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

If your home office is in a small space, you might feel forced to adopt the minimalist design theme and skimp on the furniture. Without much space for furniture, it’s hard to make a small area feel like a home office.

The trick to furnishing your home office is all in the placement and design of the furniture.

From using furniture that does double duty to taking advantage of typically wasted space, there are ways to choose and layout your home office furniture to ensure you’ve got plenty of storage space and walking room.

We collected some home office furniture ideas for small spaces to give you a quick guide to buying furniture that doesn’t overwhelm your space.

Home Office Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Take advantage of corners

Corner furniture is unique because it’s built specifically to stand out of the way in a corner, which is usually wasted space. You can find corner tables, corner shelving and racks, and even corner chairs and desks. Take advantage of corners in your home office to make the space seem bigger.

Use more vertical space

Bookshelves and free shelving are excellent ways to add visual depth to your office, make it seem larger, and add storage space. By building up, not out, you don’t take up walking room, and you create additional places to store office supplies, books, knick-knacks, and papers.

Opt for built-in storage

Build a window seat that lifts for storage, or build storage cubes or bookshelves into the wall. Without requiring the extra space to stand alone on the floor of your office, built-in storage is a lifesaver for small spaces.

Look for hidden storage pieces

Ottomans, side tables, desks, and more can all contain hidden storage compartments that allow you to keep things close by without cluttering your office. This choice allows you to bring in additional pieces without necessarily sacrificing space.

Use existing furniture

If you’re not settled on the location of your home office yet, pick a room that has existing furniture you could use for your home office. A functional home office can even be located in a kitchen. If you don’t mind having the oven nearby, the space above and below it are perfect storage spaces for the home office. Plus, any windows create some wonderful natural light for the workspace.

Note: The IRS requires that home offices must be used solely for business and cannot be in “shared spaces” such as the kitchen or living room. If home offices are in such areas, they should be clearly defined and separate from the rest of the room. For more information on home office deductions, click here

Bring in a functional divide

Room dividers are great for home offices to give you a sense of separation from work and home life. Using room dividers with shelving is an even better idea because of the added storage it brings.

It’s a modern and visually striking way to store books, knick-knacks, and small plants in your home office while creating a more private office area.

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