Can You Create a Professional Image with a Virtual Office?

March 25, 2021
Can You Create a Professional Image with a Virtual Office?

When you run a virtual office, you probably don’t think much about how your image is to clients. You aren’t running your office in a physical location where you can have a great-looking sign, a beautiful lobby, and motivational artwork on the wall.

You simply work from home and your staff works from home as well. How do you even have an appearance to clients when you aren’t physically showing them an office or speaking to them face-to-face? Well, it turns out, you can have an image or reputation based on things like your communication, your phone number, and your mailing address. Here is a look at how you create a professional image without having a physical office to do so.

When you don’t have a commercial office location

Deciding to work from home and run a virtual office is a great lifestyle. It allows for more work-life balance, it offers more flexibility and you can’t beat the commute. This does mean that when a client needs to mail a payment or you need to mail out new promotions, you are using a home address for your company’s business address.

In this case, you are going to struggle to get credit from a lender for your home-based business and you have to set up a specific workspace in the home to run your business in order to qualify for proper home office tax deductions.

When working from home is best for you and your business, you would be wise to obtain a virtual office address. Your home address is sending the wrong image to your clients because it doesn’t appear to be a professional, corporate company. Typically when you purchase one, you can also get a package with a business phone number, a live answering service and a corporate business address for all of your mailings.

What a virtual office must have

Once you’ve decided to go for the virtual office address over your home address, it’s time to look at what other items are making you seem unprofessional to your clients. Having a business address is a great start because it allows your clients to see a corporate image behind your location. Next, they’ll need to see that your phone number appears professional too.

Do this by obtaining a dedicated business phone number and consider hiring a professional live receptionist to answer calls in your business’s name. It will look great that you’ve hired a professional voice to answer all of your calls for you because it will show you are busy working to help many clients and your virtual receptionist will always use your company name in his or her greeting.

After you’ve improved your image through a dedicated business phone number, a live answering service, and a corporate mailing address, be sure to get a business fax number. Sometimes fax is the easiest way for you or your clients to send over documents.

Corporate Voicemail Boxes

Lastly, your customers are going to need to leave you messages so be sure to get corporate voice mailboxes, get access to have your voice mail forwarded to email, and have call forwarding to multiple phone numbers in case another staff member can help a caller.

Use these tips to have a more professional image to the world of your business. Just be sure that all of the information you supply is identical to the information on your corporate documents including the spelling and description of your business’s operations.

Don’t have any differences in your company’s information on business documents, registrations, or listings and your business will have a more professional image in no time. This will be great news when it comes to competing with others in the industry, trying to work with suppliers, and working with creditors or lenders.