How to Transform Your Customer Service in 30 Days

October 14, 2019

Want to transform your customer service in 30 days? It’s a tall order, but not one that is impossible if you have the right plan in place. Why might someone consider changing the way they offer and approach customer service? We’re glad you asked.

Improving customer service has a laundry list of benefits for the companies that choose to invest time and resources into it. Not only will customers notice and appreciate your new efforts at increasing their satisfaction and customer experience, but you’ll also gain special insight into the way your customers think and take action. You’ll earn more loyal, lifelong customers. You’ll develop relationships with your customers that go beyond the purchase they’ve made.

Improved customer service has a way of encouraging more informal word of mouth advertising, which can lead new clients to you and help create a lasting positive reputation for your company.

To transform your customer service in 30 days, a working plan is essential. As customer service professionals, we want to outline the steps you’ll need to take to completely transform your customer service in just one month. Here we go!

How to Transform Your Customer Service in 30 Days

The transformation starts with your team and the way you interact with customers.

Transform your team

Who handles your customer service right now? Is it you, an employee, a team of employees, or a third party provider? In order to effectively transform your customer service, you must transform your team or the parties that handle your customer service currently. Without first changing the way your company interacts with customers, none of the other changes you make will truly stick.

If you’ve been handling your customer service alone, now is the time to reconsider. As the owner or manager of your business, you simply will not have time to offer adequate customer service. Even if you can manage to offer adequate customer service, that’s not enough to make a lasting positive impression on your clients. You want your service to be stellar. Your first order of business should be locating someone to take over your customer service.

That can be notoriously difficult for a small business with an even smaller budget. Instead of seeking out freelancers or full- or part-time employees to handle your customer service, look for a successful third party provider like Conversational.

We staff full-time receptionists and administrative assistants in our office so you can hire them for the days and hours you need – whether that’s all day, everyday or just once or twice a month. Our team answers calls, takes messages, offers basic customer service, schedules and manages appointments and calendars, and does it all without ever stepping foot in your office. Best of all, you can get this service for just $159/month (and a 30 day free trial if you click here).

Transform your expectations

Before, you may have expected your customer service to do the following: Solve problems and answer questions. No more! To transform your customer service, you need to also transform your expectations. You don’t just want to solve problems and answer questions for your customers. You want to connect with them and use your customer service to reinforce your company mission and values.

When you begin offering better customer service, it’s okay to transform your expectations to match. If your expectations are to connect with your clients and more closely align your service with your company mission and values, consider some of the following actions to take:

  • Provide some new channels of service – website contact, phone, email, social media, live chat, etc.
  • Create useful, valuable content for customers that need help – FAQs, troubleshooting articles, etc.
  • Make it simple to get in touch with your business – a virtual receptionist solves this problem easily

Transform your language

Once you’ve transformed your team and your expectations, it’s time to transform your language. What we mean by this is that you’ll need to replace some of the words you commonly use in customer service with other, more positive words. Transforming your language can make a big difference in how your business appears to customers.

Using predominantly negative language – words like problem, can’t, don’t know, etc. – tells your customers that working with you to find a solution may be useless. But subbing in positive words and phrases can turn that around and ensure a much better customer experience.

And that’s it – to transform your customer service in 30 days, you just need someone new to handle it, some updated expectations of what customer service should provide, and a new customer service vocabulary that will drive customers into your arms and not away from you. You can transform your customer service in 1 month or less by putting these tips into action. And don’t forget – you can grab a free 30 day trial of our virtual receptionist service by clicking below!

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