Is Virtual Receptionist Another Term for Robot?

October 16, 2019
Is Virtual Receptionist Another Term for Robot?

Conversational offers two services for businesses: Virtual Reception and Auto Receptionist. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve heard about a lot of misconceptions about virtual receptionists and what they do. The title ‘virtual receptionist’ can be misleading if you aren’t familiar with the industry. Occasionally, the question “Is virtual receptionist another term for robot?” comes up.

Is virtual receptionist another term for robot?

The answer is no, a virtual receptionist is not another term for robot. In fact, the two are very different. While robots are machines programmed to do the same things over and over, virtual receptionists are human beings trained to be adaptable and help you customize your service as you please. When a company advertises virtual reception services, it’s not the same thing as IVR or Auto Receptionist (robot) services.

Virtual receptionists are real people who work in an office or call center. They take calls for client companies and perform the requested action: Transfer, make an appointment, take a message, or offer additional information. They do so while representing themselves as a regular employee of your business.

Automated phone systems, like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), are the red flags of customer service for callers. IVR systems are not caller-friendly and can be frustrating for those with a simple question or who have to wait through an entire menu of options before hearing the one that applies to them. Many people hang up when they hear an automated menu start. Those are lost leads, and for this reason, most companies are switching back to live customer service.

However if a IVR or Auto Receptionist is used properly this can direct callers to the right departments to get through to a live receptionist or personnel.

But hiring your own full-time customer service representatives and receptionists to answer phones, make appointments, take messages, handle complaints, and more gets expensive quickly. Instead, more companies are taking advantage of a solution that allows companies to have a live person represent their business to callers without hiring full-time: Virtual receptionists.

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Is virtual receptionist another term for robot? Absolutely not. Virtual receptionists are experienced, trained receptionists that take time to get to know your business and engage your callers in a way automated phone systems will never be able to.

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