Small Business Ideas for Small Towns and Rural Areas

March 25, 2021
Small Business Ideas for Small Towns and Rural Areas

Small towns and rural areas aren’t exactly known as the center of our nation’s commerce, but these economically-challenged areas can still be the perfect spot to set up a profitable small business – if the idea is right. Certain industries and small business ideas work in small towns and some do not.

In this post, you’ll find a list of small business ideas for small towns and rural areas. Some are far from glamorous, but if you’re looking to start a small business that will pay the bills and provide a living for you and your family, they’ll certainly do the job.

Ready to start taking care of business? Here are some small business ideas for small towns and rural areas!

Small Business Ideas for Small Towns and Rural Areas

Cleaning company – Start cleaning homes or commercial properties in your area. All you’ll need are cleaning products, a few clients, and reliable transportation to get started!

Hair salon – If you’re a licensed cosmetologist or barber (or if you know of any that are on the job market), you can open a hair salon in a small town or rural area. Hire stylists on a commission-based pay structure if you want to earn profits.

Electronic repair – Know how to repair cracked and shattered cell phone screens, replace parts, and put it all back together again? The technologically challenged folks in your area will pay handsomely to have you repair their electronics for them, making this a great small business idea for small towns and rural areas.

Home inspection – Become a licensed home inspector to build yourself a profitable business and career that you will be proud to advertise. Offering home inspection services has different requirements by state, so make sure you’re on the up and up!

Staging service – Realtors regularly hire staging services to help “stage” a home for an open house and potential buyer walk-throughs. You can be the person that stages the home! If you have a background in interior design or regularly receive compliments on your own homes’ interior, this could be the small business idea for you!

Lease hunting rights – Small towns and rural areas are full of hunters. If you own rural land that you aren’t currently using, consider leasing hunting rights to local hunters and groups. You can turn a nice profit without doing anything other than advertising your hunting area!

Paint studio – If you haven’t been to a painting studio by now, go soon! These studios are typically in small areas with lots of foot traffic. All you’ll need is an artistic eye, art supplies, and a storefront. It could become the new go-to Friday night spot in your town!

Thrift shop – Many people find themselves with overwhelming amounts of stuff in storage units, attics, garages, and outdoor buildings. Estate inheritances also present a large amount of thrift-store-appropriate items that many don’t know what to do with. Case in point: Lease a storefront, open a thrift shop, and sell your stuff!

Food truck – Food trucks typically pop up in large cities where there’s a lot of foot traffic, but if your small town has a happening spot (like the town square or farmer’s market) where people walk around, owning a food truck can be a great idea. Sell something that’s locally popular – BBQ, fresh tacos, and hot chicken are examples.

What are some other great business ideas for small towns and rural areas? What have you seen working in your area? Have you noticed a small business idea that tends to fall flat in small towns and rural areas? We’d love to hear from you!