Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Placing Outbound Calls

Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Placing Outbound Calls

Save time and money when you let our team of experienced virtual receptionists handle your outbound calls in a personalized way. It’s one of the top virtual receptionist features.

Top Virtual Receptionist Features: Placing Outbound Calls

Who has time to call every customer and colleague to confirm meetings and appointments? Taking time out of your schedule to place outbound calls that a trained professional could handle is a problem of the past when you work with our team of experienced virtual receptionists.

The ability to place outbound calls on your behalf is one of the top virtual receptionist features available, and it’s one we’re proud to offer. Placing outbound calls regarding appointment and meeting confirmations and reminders takes a considerable amount of time but is always worth it.

You can get the best of both worlds by delegating your outbound calls to our team of virtual receptionists, who will professionally handle each call on your behalf and cut your no-show rates by as much as 75% in the process.

What types of outbound calls can virtual receptionists handle?

Virtual receptionists can place outbound calls for you using a script you customize or approve. You might have a virtual receptionist place outbound calls regarding:

  • Appointment confirmations and/or cancellations
  • Fundraising or information requests
  • Contact list updates
  • Surveys or questionnaires

Conversational’s virtual receptionists can call customers that have upcoming appointments with you to confirm the appointment or they can call and cancel or reschedule any of your own appointments that you won’t be able to keep–something that has been proven to reduce the volume of no-shows.

Outbound calls are included with our virtual receptionist plans. All outbound calls on your behalf are made using a script you’ve either provided or approved. Working with Conversational means you can concentrate on other projects without stopping to make routine outbound calls. That saves you time, and the increased productivity with no need to hire a full-time receptionist can save you money.

Why is placing outbound calls a top feature?

Not all virtual receptionist providers include an option for placing outbound calls in their packages. Many will only answer incoming calls. Conversational’s virtual receptionists will place outbound calls on your behalf, at your request, within the guidelines of your monthly plan.

Think about the time it takes to call customers and confirm upcoming appointments:

If you have just 5 appointments per day and it takes 3 minutes to call and confirm with the customer, that’s 15 minutes daily spent placing outbound calls that could easily be made by someone else. At the end of the week, you’ve spent more than an hour placing outbound calls – and that’s considering appointment reminders alone.

What could you do with an extra hour each week while relieving yourself of answering and screening phone calls and managing your schedule and appointments? Try our 30 day MBG with no obligation to get start by clicking the button below!