When Should you Say “No” to a Client?

When Should you Say “No” to a Client?

Even though all businesses want to have the motto of, “the customer is always right,” it’s not always true. Sometimes, you need to say “no” to a client or a potential client. Here are a few ways you will know that it’s time to say “no.”

Too Overwhelming

The last thing you want to do is put your entire business at risk because of one client. If they are expecting you to deliver work on a timeline you simply cannot handle, it might be time to tell them “no”.

Sometimes, it’s not the timelines that can cause you to feel overwhelmed with a client. It could just be very difficult to get everybody necessary on the phone or in the same room at the same time. If this is the case, you may need to consider letting the client go or telling them it doesn’t work for you.

Feeling Forced

Anytime you feel forced to do the work instead of encouraged, you may need to consider telling the client to hit the bricks. This is especially true if they are trying to force you to work on something you don’t usually do or are not good at. This will just make you look bad and will not provide the quality you want to be known for.

Feeling Uncomfortable

Sometimes, a client can make you or somebody that works for you feel uncomfortable. This can come in many ways from a simply dislike for the client to the way they act. If you don’t feel comfortable with the client, you should skill the hassle and the stress. It’s time to tell the client you cannot work with them anymore.

Poor Communications

Communication is very important in business. When clients struggle to communicate or simply don’t do it, you may need to tell them “no.” If you don’t, the work may require so many revisions and corrections that it becomes no longer worth your time.

Unrealistic Demands

Clients may come up with unrealistic demands of you. If this happens, you need to strongly tell them “no.” As soon as you start fulfilling orders faster than normal or doing things in the way they demand, they will expect this type of work from you on a regular basis. This can become very stressful and affect the way you work for other clients.

Goes Against Your Beliefs

Maybe you have encountered a potential client with a product that goes against your beliefs or ethics. This isn’t a good situation and you need to tell this client “no.” Anything that goes against what you stand for on a religious, ethical or personal level should be avoided.

A few other times to consider telling a client or potential client “no” include:

  • When they value fast delivery over quality.
  • When you’re not capable of performing the work well.
  • When a client wants to underpay you for the job.
  • When you simply don’t have the time to perform the necessary tasks.

Keeping your business going strong sometimes means you have to say “no” to clients. There are many good reasons to tell a client you cannot do their work. Learn to protect your business by employing a few of the most common reasons to turn down work.