Why should you add live chat to your website?

July 21, 2021
Why should you add live chat to your website?

Online communication has evolved over the years, with many platforms offering several options to users. For businesses, speaking to clients in real-time has become a game-changer, with many using live chat apps to meet client needs. One of the ways businesses can easily connect with clients and make sales is to add live chat to website. 

What is live chat?

Simply put, live chat is a web application used to communicate online, usually on a website, in real-time. Online chatting involves typing messages in a chat box and sending them to the receiver. This is ideal for users seeking an immediate response to questions or support on urgent matters. It is one of the most popular alternatives to e-mails, phone calls, and other common communication mediums. 

How does it work?

Have you ever seen a message pop up at the corner of a website asking you to chat? That’s a live chat widget. Website owners set it up to easily communicate with people visiting the site. Live chat responses are popular with customers because of prompt replies and personalized services.  

Visitors to the site are not required to sign up or install anything on their computer or device to chat. Online chats are done inside a designated box in the form of text, image, links, emoji, or an attachment. The sender types words in the chat box and the operator on the other side responds. The responses can be canned responses or live typing, depending on the questions asked. 

Benefits of live chat

Deciding to add live chat to website is an excellent way to remedy common customer service roadblocks and gain a competitive advantage. If you are thinking of incorporating live chat or call handling as a communication medium, here are TEN reasons why you should go ahead.

  • It’s convenient

High-quality customer support that is accessible and offers timely responses to customers is a priority for most online users. Live chat meets these two needs and ensures customers are rarely put on hold. Both the chat agent and customer can multi-task while talking online, making it a convenient communication channel. In most cases, the live chat option is also accessible on mobile, making it possible for customers to make inquiries on the go. 

  • Increases sales 

Well-trained agents can easily convert customer inquiries into sales. Customers that are walked through a product are likely to make a purchase and spend more time on the website. The agents also come in handy where clarification is needed before the acquisition to close the sale and, in some cases, suggest additional products to increase revenue. 

  • Improves efficiency 

Chat agents can serve more than one customer on the website leading to a greater experience for those visiting your website. Multiple chats with customers mean waiting time is significantly reduced, and inquiries are responded to faster. Also, when potential clients get immediate access to support agents, it becomes easier to convert them to paying customers.

  • It’s user friendly

Most live chat interfaces are easy to use for website visitors who may interact with the feature for the first time. The chat button is usually at the right-hand corner of a website, which opens up to a window when clicked on. Once the window is open, an agent may introduce themselves to a customer to start a conversation. Alternatively, a customer can start a chat session by inquiring about a product or service. 

  • Gives competitive advantage

According to several reports, customers prefer making inquiries through chat instead of making a call. If live chat on your website is better than your competitors, you are likely to get more business. Ensure when you add live chat to website, the quality is top-notch, and your agents offer exemplary service. 

  • It’s affordable

Incorporating live chat on your website is easy to do and doesn’t cost much. You can have your web designer install the chat feature when building your website at no cost. Besides being easy to install, live chat allows one customer support staff to handle several customers at one go, saving you money on hiring staff. Overall, desk costs at the help desks significantly reduce with the introduction of live chat features.

  • Enhances brand loyalty

Chatting with a knowledgeable agent will leave a good impression on most customers that visit your website. When customers are satisfied with the live chat features, they are likely to become repeat customers. They are also less likely to be price-sensitive and will gladly recommend our services to others. A great conversation with a chat agent is usually the start of a long-term relationship with customers. 

  • Provides in-depth reports

Most live chat applications have additional features that allow website owners to monitor agents and customers. The data from the chat sessions to help you improve your products or services for the benefit of your customers. Chat agents can also be evaluated on how they interact with customers and additional training provided when necessary. To get the best out of live chat, you need to go through the generated reports regularly. 

  • Guarantees 24/7 support

When you add live chat to website, you can be available for your clients all day and all night without hiring an extra agent. Chat agents can handle client inquiries during working hours with a chat bot taking over after working hours. A chat bot can provide self-service options to customers when a live agent isn’t available. In some cases, the bot can direct customers to relevant articles on your website for answers.

  • Rich in features

Live chats are not limited to the exchange of text messages between agents and customers. Users can access several features that enrich the conversation and make handling of customer inquiries better. Agents can easily share attachments, images, and links that explain information to clients in a simple manner, saving time. 

Ultimately, live chats on a website are the best ways to engage with customers online and convert them into sales. To ensure your chatting is effective, invest in quality software and have well-trained agents. If you’re running a web hosting company, then you might want to look into outsourcing IT support as well.