Why do you need a virtual receptionist for your law firm?

Why do you need a virtual receptionist for your law firm?

The best way to stand out as a law firm is to offer top-rate legal counsel to every client. Besides having the best attorneys, you also need to handle incoming calls professionally. Proper communication with clients to your law firm makes it possible to maintain relationships and attract new ones. If running a successful business with an overflow of clients is your priority, you need to hire a virtual receptionist for your law practice.  

Benefits of a virtual receptionist for law firm

No matter the size of your law firm, hiring a virtual receptionist is always a step in the right direction. Most of these remote workers are highly trained to offer various services that can benefit your firm. Some advantages include:

  • Gives a picture of professionalism – new and existing clients are likely to hire a law firm that is run professionally. Remote receptionists are well-trained to handle clients with the utmost respect and respond to inquiries with knowledge. Immediate responses to questions live or through e-mail will win you more clients for your law firm. 
  • Acts as an answering service – callers to a law firm are assured of getting a live person to respond to their inquiries at all times. Most times, the availability of a person on the other end of the line makes it easier to convert a call into a client. Virtual receptionists are trained to capture leads by asking probing questions and directing callers to sign up for various legal services. 
  • Saves time – virtual assistants for law firms help save time by scheduling meetings with clients seeking your services. Proper scheduling results in fewer delays and happier clients, who are likely to return or recommend your law firm to others. Some receptionists also follow up on clients to get feedback on your services, helping you make improvements where necessary. 
  • Call screening services – Filtering calls and responding to those with the highest potential to hire your firm is an important task of a virtual receptionist. You will only handle calls or respond to messages that need your direct attention, leaving you with time to focus on client cases. 
  • Offer bilingual services – if your clients speak different languages, you can hire a bilingual receptionist. The receptionist will respond to questions about your legal services in a language they understand, which is advantageous for your firm. When looking for an online receptionist, consider hiring one that has interacted with clients from different backgrounds and speaks several languages.  
  • Minimizes costs – a remote receptionist for your law firm costs less to hire than an in-house employee. The receptionist doesn’t need office space or equipment to help them work. All you need is to agree on the tasks they will handle and the hours they need to work for you for them to begin. Most times, you pay only for what you need and can cancel the services whenever you want. 
  • Offer tailor-made options – virtual receptionists can be adapt to your needs and seamlessly manage your client needs. Whether you want someone to answer calls, forward messages and calls, or manage your entire schedule, they can do so on your behalf. You can start with a bare-bone setup and add other options depending on the needs of your law firm. 
  • Increased productivity –Taking client calls and responding to inquiries can distract attorneys and leads to reduced output. Attorneys at work better when they don’t have to worry about managing activities at the reception. Your employees concentrate at work and handle client cases better when you hire virtual receptionist for law firm.

How to choose a virtual receptionist for law firm

Now that you know the advantages of having a remote receptionist for your law firm, you need to choose the right one. Fortunately, several companies offer virtual receptionist services, making it possible to find a suitable one. If you are unsure of what to look for, here are some tips to help you out. 

  • They should have in-depth legal knowledge – legal firms use specific language to speak to their clients and therefore need receptionists that understand legal terms. Ensure that the virtual receptionist is familiar with the legal industry and can represent your firm well. If you can get a receptionist with an educational background in law or has worked as a paralegal, they may be the best for your firm. 
  • They should have years of experience – besides knowledge of common terms, go for a receptionist that has offered similar services to legal firms. Virtual receptionists with many years of experience will easily connect with clients and offer excellent services. Also, their experience working with different law firms is valuable, and they easily adapt to new environments.  
  • They should always be available – virtual receptionists that are flexible with time are the best as they can adapt to your work schedule. If you receive calls at all times, consider hiring one available 24/7, while those available during business hours are great for those that get a few after-hour calls. 
  • They should offer various services – although your law firm may be in urgent need of someone to answer calls and take messages, consider hiring a receptionist that offers extra services. Other services you can consider include appointment scheduling, lead capture, social media management, and bilingual services.
  • They should have different costs for their services – find a service provider that you can afford for an extended period. Take time to research the best ones and reach out to find out their costs. If you find one that meets your expectations, ask for a customized plan that addresses your challenges and meets your budget. 

Overall, hiring a virtual receptionist for law firm is the way to go for lawyers that want the best for their clients. The services offered are ideal for small or large firms looking for ready-to-go assistants. When you hire a remote assistant for your law firm, you have time to maintain current clients, get new ones, or board while maintaining the highest productivity. Most times, the value of virtual receptionists for law firms far outweigh the cost of hiring them.