Are You Losing Money Because of Missed Calls?

Are You Losing Money Because of Missed Calls?

Missed calls can be very hard on a business, especially a smaller business. Just one missed call can cost thousands of dollars or even more. You never know when that one big client is calling or the one that makes a small purchase, which leads to many more in the future.

Often, businesses don’t realize how much money they may be losing due to missed phone calls. Sometimes, this happens because you’re on the phone with someone else and other times it happens because you’re out of the office. You cannot afford to miss phone calls or have customers call only to hear a busy signal.

How to Put More Money in Your Pocket

Putting more money into the pocket of the business is important. This can be done with the help of virtual receptionists. Consider the following example:

You offer services, which cost the client over $100 per hour. While you’re out of the office providing these services you miss three phone calls. If even one of these phone calls turned into a customer, you could have easily lost $1,000 or more dollars over the next few months.

Does this seem like a good idea when somebody could be answering your phones 100% of the time, during regular business hours?

Many small businesses spend too much time trying to save money instead of putting more of it in their pocket. Sometimes, you really do have to spend money to make money and a wise investment could pay you back tenfold.

Do you have a Busy Season?

Maybe you run the type of business that has a busy season every year. For example, if you provide snow removal services, you may be slammed after a big snowfall, but very slow once it all melts. What happens if you miss phone calls during the busy season? You could lose money that you should be making.

With the right help, your busy season will be covered and you won’t have to worry about missing any phone calls. You just need to find the right help for your specific needs.

Hiring Virtual Receptionists to Fill the Gap

Whether you need somebody answering the phones regularly or you just need help when you’re out of the office, a virtual receptionist can take care of your specific needs. For most businesses, just one new customer can easily pay for a full month of services from a virtual receptionist.

After taking time to look at your business, you may realize that spending a little bit of money every month on a virtual receptionist is a wise investment. This type of service can help you save money because you won’t ever miss a call and you don’t need to hire a full-time, in-house receptionist to help you out.

Don’t miss another customer calling for your services. Hire a virtual receptionist today and make sure you pocket all the possible profits from the calls you don’t even know you’ve been missing.