Do You Really Need Your Receptionist?

Do You Really Need Your Receptionist?

Maybe you’ve got a receptionist, and she’s great – she answers every call with a friendly tone, greets customers with a smile, and never fails to deliver a message to your desk.

Or maybe you’ve got a different sort of receptionist – the kind who seems annoyed when customers come in or call, who calls out for unknown reasons, or gets involved with gossip or issues within the office.

Though these scenarios are different, there is one question you should ask yourself: Do you really need your receptionist?

Do you really need your receptionist?

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1. How many calls come through each day? Your call volume can help you determine whether or not you really need your receptionist. If you don’t receive many calls, you likely do not need an in-house, full-time receptionist. If you receive a lot of calls each day (high call volume) and decide to let your receptionist go, you will need to replace your receptionist with another service to ensure no calls are missed. You can look at virtual receptionist features, prices, and even grab a free 30 day trial with our team of virtual receptionists here.

2. Do clients typically call or come in? If your clients usually call your business rather than come to the office, you will definitely need someone to cover your phone calls. That does not mean you need a full-time, in-house receptionist, however. A virtual receptionist or a part-time receptionist should be able to cover your calls for you. If your clients usually come to the office, you still may not need a receptionist – we work with lots of doctors’ offices and clinics that use our virtual reception service with great success.

3. Can you afford that full-time salary + benefits? This is probably the most important consideration to make. If you can afford to pay a receptionist a full time salary and benefits – around $40,000/year – then by all means, continue with your receptionist! But if the cost of your receptionist’s salary and benefits are hurting your bottom line, it’s time to reconsider. A virtual receptionist is a small fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist (around $160/month) and can cover all your calls.

If you decide you don’t truly need your in-house receptionist, we can help. We know you have questions about our virtual receptionist service, so please make sure to stop by our FAQ page to view our most common questions and answers. If you’d like to learn more about our service, visit our Sales Calendar where you can schedule a sales call with one of our experts.

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