Can You Trust Conversational Virtual Receptionists with Your Phone Calls?

Can You Trust Conversational Virtual Receptionists with Your Phone Calls?

Can you trust Conversational virtual receptionists with your phone calls? Looking at different virtual receptionist providers is essential in determining which one will deliver the most value to your business.

In your search, you’ve likely stumbled upon a number of virtual receptionist providers that say they can take your phone calls and offer the ‘best’ service.

Anyone can make a claim to be the best, but we thought letting our clients speak for us would be the best way to show you why Conversational is truly the best virtual receptionist provider out there.

We regularly receive reviews and feedback from our clients, so we’re sharing some of our reviews below so you can decide for yourself:

Can you trust Conversational with your phone calls?

Richelle of Houston, Texas says “Makes it more convenient”

The reviews in a Facebook group of other therapists made me look Conversational up. Conversational has the ability to record the messages and then email them to me so that I can just tap the button. That makes it more convenient. I didn’t have that option with the other answering service. The feature I really use is where they take the messages. Their customer service has been pretty responsive, too. Before, I had a virtual assistant but she was not answering calls live. With Conversational, it enables me to capture more callers who are calling into looking for something more immediate. 04/02/2019

Maria of Durham, NC says “They are my secret weapon”

Conversational has been my “receptionist” for over 2 years, and they are wonderful! Their receptionists are great with my callers, and often go above and beyond my expectations. They are great at handling different types of phone calls, and support is VERY responsive when I’ve emailed with questions. I’m a one-person business; having Conversational handle my calls and schedule clients on my online calendar allows me more time that I can spend face to face with my clients. They are the absolute best, and my secret weapon! 10/31/2018

Meredith of Mt Pleasant, SC says “Highly recommend”

I started a law firm and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to answer all calls so I wanted somebody that was a live human being to answer calls. I thought Conversational’s pricing was better than the other options so I went with them. I use the live-answering feature and I’ve been very happy with them. It’s great and I highly recommend it. 12/27/2017

Thomas of Nashville, TN says “Great experience”

“I was tired of losing clients due to missed calls, so I signed up with Conversational. The experience so far has been great. A pleasant receptionist answers my calls and tries to reach me. If I’m not available, clients are directed to my voice mail and the receptionist promptly sends me an email with the message attached to it. I’ve had several clients comment on how nice “my” receptionists are, and I no longer have to worry about clients hanging up if they can’t reach a live person when they call.” 12/29/16

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