Having Trouble Growing Your Business? Change One Thing.

Having Trouble Growing Your Business? Change One Thing.

Having trouble growing your business? Growth should follow a somewhat predictable path – true, sustainable growth will be slow, but not nonexistent. If you’re not seeing any signs of growth and you think you should be, there’s still one thing you can change to kick-start your growth. It has to do with your customer service, and it’s such a simple solution, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Trouble growing your business? Change this.

The one thing you need to change to make growth spring forth at your business is the way you handle phone calls. Seriously. Change this and the results will speak for themselves. If your business receives phone calls from clients or potential clients, chances are, you’re using a cell phone to take those calls. Chances are, you’re the one answering the phone when it rings. And chances are, you’re missing a considerable amount of those calls and a) letting them go to voicemail or b) losing them forever.

This could have something to do with the lack of growth you’ve noticed.

When someone cares enough to call your business, they want a few things in return, even if they don’t explicitly state it.

What callers actually want

  1. A live person to answer the phone – not voicemail.
  2. A friendly, knowledgeable person to answer the phone.
  3. An immediate callback if you can’t answer right away.
  4. The option to leave a message for a recipient.
  5. A real local or toll-free business number they can call, not a cell phone.

Are you providing these things for your callers? If not, you could be looking at the barrier to growth that you’ve been up against – the reason you’ve had trouble growing your business. The good news is that it’s simple to get these things in order if you’ve been slacking on your phone customer service. The bad news is that you won’t need to play receptionist for your business any longer (heartbreaking, right?).

How to change it with 1 step

If you’ve been doing a lackluster job handling your phone calls and responding to voicemails, it’s time to make that simple change. The easiest way to do it is by working with a qualified third party virtual receptionist provider like us. Conversational staffs full-time receptionists who work from our offices and remotely answer your company’s phone calls with the greeting and information you specify.

Virtual receptionists sole duties are to handle your calls and appointments, so they’re never too busy to pick up the phone and serve your callers. Every phone call is answered consistently, and you can choose to have your virtual receptionist take a message from callers to deliver to you or let them handle the calls using the information you provide.

We don’t charge crazy monthly fees because we know new business owners and those struggling to grow need this service. You can even try us out absolutely free for 30 days to give it a try before you sign up! Click the link below to start your free 30 day trial now.

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