How to Forward Calls to a Virtual Receptionist

How to Forward Calls to a Virtual Receptionist

Wondering how people use a virtual receptionist who isn’t in the office with them? It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. It’s simple to forward calls to a virtual receptionist when you sign up with Conversational. We’ll show you how businesses forward calls to a virtual receptionist to be answered immediately.

First, here’s a little background information on virtual receptionists and the service we provide to business owners.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a call answering specialist who answers the phone, takes messages, manages appointments, and acts as the first point of contact for your business – basically, all the tasks a traditional, onsite receptionist might handle.

A virtual receptionist (sometimes called a VR) can be located anywhere in the world, but to ensure the highest quality and skip potential language barriers, it’s wise to choose a North American virtual receptionist provider like Conversational.

How does a virtual receptionist get my calls?

Once you’ve signed up for a virtual receptionist service, you’ll forward the phone calls your business receives to your new virtual receptionist. Some providers can assign you a new local telephone number to which your existing number can forward calls, and some even provide toll-free numbers for a small additional fee.Conversational can do either you prefer.

If you do not have a business phone number yet, or if you’ve been using your cell phone, you can use your newly assigned local telephone number in advertisements and on business materials. Here’s how!

After you’ve set it up to forward calls to a virtual receptionist, all calls your number receives will be directed to your virtual receptionist’s phone. A good virtual receptionist provider will allow you to decide what happens when a call is received, from customizing the greeting to giving special instructions on announcing promotions or upcoming company events.

What will customers think about a virtual receptionist?

As long as you’re working with experienced professionals, your customers will enjoy interacting with your virtual receptionist when they call your business. We only hire experienced receptionists to ensure the high level and quality of customer service they provide to our client’s callers is consistent.

Because the caller dials your number and is immediately connected with the virtual receptionist, it’s unlikely that they’d realize the receptionist is working remotely. In fact, unless you share that information with your customers, most will assume your virtual receptionist is working in the office alongside you. For a small or brand new business, that can go a long way in helping your business appear larger and more established.

10 virtual receptionist features you’ll get with Conversational

  1. Call answering
  2. Taking messages
  3. Delivering messages via email or text
  4. Call Routing
  5. No contracts or obligations
  6. Free voicemail boxes
  7. Free local telephone number
  8. Basic customer service
  9. Completely customizable service
  10. Free 30 day trial (1,000 minutes)

Get all of the features above at absolutely no cost to you by signing up for our free 30 day trial now! Click the link below to get started. Your free trial includes 1,000 minutes and there is no obligation to sign up or continue the service at the end of the trial period. Try us out for the next 30 days- we’d love to have you!

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