It can be tricky to determine exactly how many virtual reception minutes you will need each month, especially if your volume fluctuates or if you’ve never used an answering service before.

Not to worry! We have the perfect process to help you determine how many virtual receptionist minutes you’ll need each month. We’ve helped hundreds of clients pinpoint their virtual receptionist needs over the years. We’ll walk you through it! Let’s get started.

There are 3 basic steps in this process if you’ve already been using a business line. If this is your first business phone number and you’ve yet to receive a business call, you can skip directly to step 2.

Step 1. Determine general call volume

The number of calls you receive on average is called your call volume. If you have already been using a business line, what’s your general call volume?

  • Low call volume – You receive less than 10 calls per week, most weeks.
  • Medium call volume – You receive less than 25 calls per week, most weeks.
  • High call volume – You receive 50 or more calls per week, most weeks.
  • Fluctuating call volume – You receive a varying amount of calls each week with no real averages.

If you haven’t been using a business line so far, that’s okay! Move on to step 2.

Step 2. Start a free virtual receptionist trial

A month-long free answering service trial will give you enough time to see how many calls you receive in a month. Shorter trials aren’t as helpful in determining a month’s call volume, so be sure to select a provider that offers a full 30 day free trial.

Conversational’s free trial starts the day you sign up and includes most features absolutely free – message taking, call screening, a free local phone number, customer service for your callers, and more. There’s no obligation to sign up for a paid plan when your free trial ends, and you can even keep the local phone number assigned to you.

The best part about our month-long free trial is that it includes 1,000 virtual receptionist minutes – this is plenty of room to determine exactly how many minutes you’ll need on average in the upcoming months should you choose to sign up. Most of our clients don’t go over 500 minutes/month, so it’s very unlikely that you’d go over your 1,000 minute trial limit. We only count the minutes our receptionists are actually on the phone with your callers. You can sign up for your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL now by clicking here.

Step 3. Review your minutes used

Once you’ve completed your 30 day free trial, you’ll be able to review the number of virtual receptionist minutes you used for the month. This is the number you’ll base your estimates on and what will help determine the paid plan you should select.

Say you used 155 minutes during your free trial period – we’d then recommend that you sign up for our Business plan, which includes 200 minutes and all the features you used during your free trial. We’ll never recommend a plan that includes more minutes than you realistically need. We’ll help you find the lowest-cost plan that will fit your needs.

If your call volume tends to fluctuate wildly and you just don’t think your first month’s minute usage is indicative of future call volume, we can work with you to ensure you’re never charged for overage minutes or paying for minutes you won’t use.

Determining the number of virtual receptionist minutes you’ll need each month is simpler than you realize. With our full 30 day free trial, it’s even easier! Get started now by signing up for your free trial. We look forward to working with you!