How to Make a Customer’s Day

April 14, 2023
How to Make a Customer’s Day

Customer service refers to the art of delivering service to a customer – answering questions, providing solutions, and making wrongs right. The other side of customer service is simply interacting with people.

That’s the part that really makes great customer service stand out – those who are willing to go above and beyond to make your day.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can apply those principles to your business and make a customer’s day, you’re about to find out. This blog post will teach you about the art of making someone’s day and how to make that part of your customer service mission.

How to Make a Customer’s Day

To make a customer’s day, think of the best customer service you’ve received

The saying “Act like the person you want to become” applies to customer service as well as it does to personalities. Think back to a time when a customer service agent really made your day – what was going on? How did the representative treat you? What solutions, answers, or extras did you leave the interaction with? Now you know what to imitate if you want to make a customer’s day. Just use what worked for you!

Remember a detail about the customer

If you’ve had a previous interaction with a customer, bring up a detail from your last conversation to let them know you remember them. It’s small extras like these that make customer service interactions memorable for customers. For example, you know that customer Teresa is married with two children. You might say, “Hi Teresa! How are you, your husband, and the kids doing?” After this happens a few times, you and the customer build rapport and simply interacting with you in a pleasant way can be enough to make a customer’s day!

Give the customer an unexpected extra

You can get creative and have fun with this one (with your boss’s permission if you’re not the owner). Offer a customer an unexpected extra to really make their day – the sky is the limit as far as what you can offer.

Here are some ideas:

  • A discount on a product or service
  • Free item or gift
  • Add a credit to monthly statement
  • Send company swag
  • Free company reward points
  • Send a gift card or gift certificate

It’s easier than you think to make a customer’s day. Be more than polite – be friendly, bubbly, considerate, and cheerful to make someone’s day and start getting others to associate your business with excellent customer service.