How Can a Nail Salon Use a Call Answering Service?

How Can a Nail Salon Use a Call Answering Service?

Is your nail salon struggling to keep up with the busy phones and appointment scheduling? When you can’t really afford to bring on more staff members or you don’t really have the room for them to work, it may be time to think outside the box.

A call answering service could be the perfect solution for a nail salon because they can handle the calls, customer questions, and appointment scheduling from their own location at a way better rate. Call answering services are not just found in law offices and medical practices anymore; they are useful to any company that needs the extra help because every business needs someone to answer the phone. Here is a look at how a nail salon will benefit from one.

Answering the phones

The nail salon can focus on their clients and walk-in appointments by having someone to handle the incoming phone calls. Rather than having to have a staff member sit by the phone, take messages, or answer customer questions, the nail salon can easily hire a call answering service to help with the demand.

The answering service will offer a professional voice on the other end of your incoming calls, will answer any questions your clients may have, and can take messages for call backs later on. You won’t have to worry about anymore missed calls, and your answering service can work outside of your business hours as well. Imagine how many extra appointments you can set by not missing a call after hours.

Handling your calendar

Your call answering service is perfect for making sure all of your appointments get scheduled so that you can just show up and see your clients. You don’t have to worry about scheduling, rescheduling, and filling in cancellations; your call answering service can take care of that for you. They will enter all the changes to your schedule for you without you having to do any of the work.

You won’t have to hear the phone ringing off the hook and hoping it was handled otherwise you may miss out on an appointment; a call answering service has many people to answer the phones and fill in your appointment book. You won’t have to worry about a receptionist working in your office and leaving for lunch or calling in sick anymore. There will always be somebody available to answer your calls.

A call answering service is the perfect solution for any company but especially a nail salon. Your busy phone lines will be handled while you help the clients in your store and you can look forward to all of the appointments that were booked for you while you were doing your work.

Plus, your clients will always be treated professionally and questions can be answered when they call in during business hours or even after hours. There’s nothing better than knowing you can get somebody on the phone whenever you call, if you’re a client of a nail salon.