Resolutions To Consider For Your Business This New Year

Resolutions To Consider For Your Business This New Year

More often than not entrepreneurs look to a new year for ways to better equip and manage their businesses.  Key goals many often strive for are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lowering Overhead
  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that Conversational’s virtual receptionist service can help accomplish all those and more? How can we help you ask?  Read ahead and learn just that!

Increase Productivity

Team collaboration provides key learning aspects to understand the hardships your members face in their roles.  Once you discover areas where productivity is slowed you can then investigate ways to improve.  Solutions could mean re-working your staffing models or investing in software to lessen the manual work required, or even gaining better reporting.  A fast and cost-efficient way to also increase productivity is to outsource your teams’ duties so they can invest more time in other tasks.

At Conversational we have learned that although customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of every business it is the most common distraction for most its members.  Did you know that once an employee is taken away from a task to handle an incoming call or email it can take them 20 minutes to refocus back to the point they left off?  That’s a scary statistic that most businesses don’t consider.

By outsourcing your phone calls to Conversational’s virtual receptionists you allow your team to focus on more with fewer disruptions.  And let’s not forget fewer employees for you to manage as we do all that work for you, ensuring your front line is equipped to answer those basic inquiries and direct your clients properly!

Lowering your overhead

With the cost of doing business rising around the world lowering your overhead is something no business can ignore. Reducing overhead doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your brand or products or services you deliver, and by using Conversational you can do just the opposite.

By outsourcing your customer interactions to our virtual receptionists, you can save not only time and money on the payroll – employee taxes and benefits but even the cost of your phone services.  Some businesses have even made a move to close the customer-facing office spaces to eliminate the need for lease costs – utility and office outfitting.  Remote work is the newest way to do business and many businesses have seen great success from this.  With a virtual receptionist, you can ensure your employees still receive the calls they need to handle from anywhere they are.  So even if you’re a real estate agent always on the go, our receptionists will know where and when to interrupt you and when to send a message to ensure a quick callback.

Increase Profitability

By increasing your in-house team’s efficiency by limiting distractions and lowering your overhead by not needing to hire a receptionist or multiple receptionists to ensure you never miss a call you have already taken steps to increase your profits.  However, by also trusting your calls to Conversational’s virtual receptionists you will also improve your customer satisfaction rate.  Read further about how we accomplish this and help to increase your profits and customer loyalty.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Our virtual receptionists can take your business even further by ensuring client satisfaction.  We train our receptionists on proper phone etiquette and how to handle even the most disgruntled of callers to ensure each caller is left feeling taken care of.  We can even handle your appointment scheduling and custom intakes for new clients.  Just give us the details your business needs and we will design a call flow that works! It is truly that simple.

Many new clients are amazed at the services we provide that they never even thought was a possibility before trying a virtual receptionist. CLICK HERE to discover some of the features our services include.

All of this for as little as $209/month – and while backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee you can’t ignore that price!

Join the Conversation today and help your business succeed in 2023.